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It's American roof in London the transformation looked better. Yeah. This did. Yeah. It was got. It's like we're complaining about too much vs. But it's true. You can have too much of something. If it doesn't take me out of the story. CGI us look good. Yeah. But when you see you go, that's as it's not usually is he giant it. Just doesn't look good in in. That's more. Like a lot of people are going back to particle because it's hard to replicate particle fix. Yes. I think the practical fix were were better from Carol Girma detoro. But that's that's his style. You know, it's he has very weird style. And I like it because it's when it's practical, you know, it's, you know, it's practically, and it doesn't look that it works. It looks better. It's mobile leave -able. I like a mix of practical ANSI Gye. You know, I like the way that you don't need really notice like the practical. When when it's doesn't draw you out of the story is actually in Washington. Oh, let's see. Yeah. I mean, when you know, the whole thirty or fifty foot monster comes through London bridge, or whatever that kind of expect to be at least make it does evil. It's just one of those things like I mean. When like God like that went through a bridge. It didn't look bad. It looked really good. So I said if if you wanna watch helplessly, what's the first two, I don't think I would watch this in theater as of right now. Now, if if there's a huge hype in a lot of the critics like, oh, my God is the most amazing things. Yeah. I'll go check it out or another trailer comes out that's because this a come out to later twenty nineteen. Yeah. I think it's like August flying even later. I was thinking November. But either way I got time to improve it. Yeah. I mean, you know, hopefully, the, but then again, that's what they say. Principle is mostly what were shot at it'll be would have to redo re-shoots and just fix his face because I can fix the CGI. Yeah. I mean, it got his it's, you know, it's funny. If if even if he looked xactly like Ron Perlman round Perlman may that character. And this guy. I don't think I don't he? He's not. Out here, you hashtag not my homeboys. Yeah. I don't know if he's strong the carry that the hell boy, I'm Perlman was in so many conic things. And in this guy everybody really knows him from. And I think been very my muscles. Sorry. Everybody is Phillies and everybody. Can that can really knows this guy only from Stanford things. They'd be. I don't know. What else? He's I don't really like change certain Strangford thing. I just good job hopper. But but Ron Perlman he's been so many things that that he's he's an iconic actor by himself. The putting him in this role was is pretty good because he just he has that that charisma as hell bar explore the moxie foot spa. But. CGI is a little too saturated for me, I think. We'll see if I I'm pretty sure that if this is the best parts of of a movie in a trailer than Bobby pass on. We'll we'll probably end up reviewing it. So we'll we'll probably see every I won't see it with money. But if I if I get to review it, I'll go check it out. But you know, I I'm usually a little honest with my reviews if I don't like something I had lie. I usually pretty much almost every move. I like I like being the team that that's not a those people look for deep meaning Shakespearean plots unless watching Shakespeare's, and even then made you'll be able action Leonardus everyone's CGI my Shakespeare, right? But yeah, there's been a few movies. I just walked out now after it. I'm hoping this is not one of them. Yes. Especially since dole who heads at for me, especially since you know, the comics come movie that you know, we don't wanna kill the reiteration of hell boy. No. We want more come movies..

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