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Luck is out. So you know, no wonder everybody hurts sometimes. Everything on me. O R is a Dustin say a tow The world's going on just to wish you were here. But you're not because of Jews being that got memories. Of everything we've been through today, so that we lost on the way because of dreams Bring back all the memories. And the memories bring back memories. Bring back memories. Bring back memories. Is it coming? Remember when I never, um like a number and it's not enough. And you know everybody, Sometimes everything will be all right. The way God wish you were here because of Jews during that got memories of everything we've been through way lost on the way because of dreams. Bring back memories on memories. Bring back memories. Bring back Don't Memories. Bring back memories. Bring back bring back memories. Chris Brown Young thug. Go crazy on zero for that, Can you Anything to me because you just tell me what to do and I get it. You're making everything is crazy. Nobody I know sees crazy, E I could tell you Put it down. Everything was on the phone when they find out that originally switch that's on it. For you to do it on. She don't need you to get down down down deep crypt in the middle of the night. But you must put it down right down. I could put you on a flight, you know, making everything Everything you know about it. What's up, Ari? From Chesapeake, and you're listening to the number one hit music station Do you want for? Ah,.

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