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Would be surprised how many times that happened. I am absolutely seriously you these guys come up with these expensive leather briefcases and you expect it to be full of papers. And they opened up. You can say. There was a marks and spencer. Sandwich in and a cassette. That's it the story that lou adler once told me about kim fowley coming in with a fairly impressive looking briefcase and lost austin to open up. An there wasn't even a sandwich in there was nothing in the attilio. it was purely so you became. You know eventually you become head of ionel find finding grandma you had to twelve years. Which is quite an innings. I mean how do you remember the the uk music industry in those years what it was a very vibrant time because the interest in music worldwide was gathering pace. I mean it always. You know there's always been a popular music same but suddenly it was hitting all the far corners of the world and then with the start of. Cd's that really exploded. The amount of sales amount of interest in music then other things came in like n. t. v. So it was people. Today are amazed by the numbers of cds and albums and cassettes sold at that point. Musically was also very very diverse and people are gone from the white from being to single driven. Yes they would. You got to have hates but it wasn't just hits. There was still a possibility of having all tastes who would just great songwriters or gripe performers. So it was. It was a fantastic time. Yes probably the biggie. Stock act of the biggest of the early acts. You saw somebody. Death left put in hobe on went on to become absolutely massive movie talking about julian. Cope lights So we wanted to explodes but a sovereign deflected. We have haven't huey lewis and the news fan in our in our midst. And i wouldn't i wouldn't go as far as that. They emmy's in your in the discography that you send over the east. You signed very first single. When they were not called the news circle something else but exo disco. Yeah so the story was jake and niccolo and dave robinson were fans of banco clover and they persuaded nigel to sign clover. And bring over. Julie done and they became a bit of a hit. Seen on on the you know the light pub rock scene. i'm pre punks. It was all crossover. that point. this was nineteen seventy six and nigel left to go and stocks up his label and that left clova without anyone looking after the junior. I know scout so we've got nothing to do with me. And eventually they actually broke up it. Lest huey and half of the brand in england with no money no way of getting home and they were stuck and huey who i've known for a year or so and was very good friends with used to come around to my flat all the time so we could play music. He became a big fan of traduced him too little fate and he was became a huge fan of little fate. And is there any way that you could sign us so that we could get the money for the home. So i arranged for this single to be recorded which featured some members of thin lizzy on the other members of clover. It was a disco record which we did put out a nobody was interested in and then off in the boys went. And then you got back to san francisco. They formed the news and the rest as they say i've ever heard. Could you sign the so. We can fly some crate digging mates from the dancing luth. We'll have that single treasury rate. So every time i go to any of these sort of award things he lewis a bit across the room and of course at that point. He was in the eighties. He was huge star and he would always come zooming across to give me a massive.

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