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You're more likely to in your next one as well so again if you're getting if you're planning for pregnancy maybe thinking about things like body weight is important and also obviously your food choices join pregnancy as well Wilson if you've had a large baby previous pregnancies of four and a half kilos than that also puts you at higher risk of station diabetes and the other non-modifiable Ter- if you like is about ethnicity if you're south. Asian or black or african caribbean or from a middle eastern background wilson. That it does put you at high risk of going to get just ational diabetes and stability instantly in terms of long term risks. What about to the to the mom. Did you say after. They've had this today then. Need to be cpa catholic afterwards. Yes say i think. Come in if you think about. What's the risk actually for for the baby and for months afterwards than we do know that the risk of of mom going on to get type two diabetes in the next few years the actual risk is about fifty to sixty percents. So it's actually quite high with that peaking about five years after the baby's born say again this doesn't mean say that they'll definitely go on to get diabetes but it does kinda give a bit of a warning shot if you like to think actually what maybe can i modify into my feet choices in my behaviors that might help to reduce that risk. Which is the things that we've we've spoken about in the actual pregnancy. It's important to say like with. The actual blood glucose levels if things are managed very well and say when ladies diagnosed just diabetes. There will be an under specialist care usually especially she units a hospital and they will help with managing the blood glucose levels and the cornerstone of that management is around diet and exercise and food choices if the diabetes is left untreated in. The blood glucose levels are running high. It can lead to complications. Say the client things that can happen is we can get large baby and particularly around the the the waist and this can lead to higher instance of c sections and induce labor and baby can also actually it's delivered have a low blood glucose level as well. I mean this usually rectified very quickly. But it can be quite distressing for both mother and baby as well and that baby then have a higher risk of type two diabetes in later life. Gosh it's so important. This is why education. I think needs to be because we said at the beginning. It's very confusing them. I you've got the different types of diabetes. You've got the individual differences but you also have the long-term term and implications to consider and we've got a question. Chris if you don't mind it's very hard podcast to to offer any kind of advice. Obviously ethically but we do have some questions from listeners. I'm hoping you could shed light on. And the first is from jamila she said i have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Could that mean. I'm going to be insulin resistant. Yes quite likely so. We do know that. women with p. s. or generally more likely to have insulin resistance and often it is treated with a tablet which is called met four men. So this is a common tablet is actually station diabetes in type two diabetes as well and it can help to reduce the level of insulin resistance. Say yes with kind of having that conversation with your healthcare team yet because scholley everybody has a complete unique case on this. Because votes people have police grant syndrome. It could be extremely healthy And eating a very good diet but again. 'cause it doesn't necessarily mean that going to definitely be insulin resistant. Does it know exactly know so like you say it's going to be individual Unless this tests that can be done to look at that. We didn't mention one of the tests. That's used in in diabetes which is called hba one. C tests say that basically measures. The amount of blood glucose levels over about three month periods. That's a way of kind of looking at insulin. Resistance as well as looking at whether someone might have diabetes as well but yeah many people with with polycystic ovarian enjoyment won't have insulin resistance as well and say it will link also with things like body weights if you've got pcs new. You've got a high body weight and again you more likely to have insulin. Resistance young and then that needs to be nice to christine's question and she's mentioned dumps weight. She's mentioned cholesterol levels. She said why are healthy cholesterol levels. Should i be worried. I won't mind getting to high. Yes so with cholestrol. We tend to look at things. The h- hdl stroke and the ldl cholesterol so is high density leiper eighteen and then as elbow which is laid dense delight propriety in and then this is all kind of back together as your total cholesterol level. So if you've got diabetes what we're looking ideally for his total cholesterol level below four but then we also generally break that down. Look at these. Hdl's which are more the positive the beneficial fats and cholesterol levels. And then the ldl which are the more harmful ones say generally wonder hdl cholesterol above one and ldl cholesterol. To be below what it gets below to check my facts on that because it's very very no. That's really really important to note that. I think a lot of people i. I've had instances in our clinic. Chris people come in and they've done one of these gym tests that says they've got high cholesterol. But then you actually look at the breakdown. And it's not actually worrying when you look at the ratio of hdl ldl and so. I think it's important. People know account for that. And then we've got the last question. And ben has said as a pre diabetic should be avoiding cops which we've kind of discussed earlier and an add on to that and does it make me more susceptible to cave it. Say the. I mean in terms of avoiding calls i would say no Just because that's basically what we talked about before you're going to be carrying out a whole feet group and if you wanna if you out clubs completely you need to replace they with something else and generally that's gonna be very.

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