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Right Terry not a whole lot of news today, and not, a lot of good sports? News Maryland has parted, ways with, its strength and conditioning coach and is acknowledged that. Quote mistakes. Were made. In the treatment of offense of in Jordan McNair who collapsed on the practice field. And subsequently died athletic director. Demon Evans said. Today that record. Is no longer associated with the program Yet it, did a decision on the, status of hedge coach DJ? Durkan will come? As, more information comes. Forward he's. On administrative leave now Evans said mistakes were. Made in the treatment of McNair as he fell ill during a conditioning drill it's not the last we've, heard of that one, former Louisville cardinal and, Miami Dolphins fourth year wide receiver devante Parker is out for a bit he has a hand injury that kept him out of. Practice for the last training camp for the last two days, ESPN is reporting that that devante Parker has a broken finger Parker suffered the injury on Monday nine eleven on. Eleven zero, when, corner against quarterback is avian Howard Adam gay sued quality coach for the dolphins said. It appeared the Parker got his hands struck stuck in Howard's shoulder pad when that, happened also here's an interesting one you don't hear every day Terry Miami Dolphins have cut veteran defensive lineman Gabe right he was, waived today one day, after he was he charged at and blindsided start Running back Kenyan Drake while the running backs helmet was off at the end. Of practice when they had a fight that was going on. Can't have that. Hothead, business that sports NewsRadio. Eight forty w citizens Bank Bloomberg. Money news is service of Silliman university, here's, the? Always calm Donna Wilson. She's not tackled me one time in our forty years together Forty And we. Looked that's. Right all. Right here's what's. Happening Terry US stocks posting gains on Wall. Street the Dow is up one hundred and forty-one points s and p five hundred up. Twenty the NASDAQ climbing. Fifty four Bloomberg Louisville index is up the reporters ever. Present, well there's some good, news but Papa John's is it works to recover from its PR. Nightmare several major league baseball teams that broke ties with the pizza chain coming, back the New York Post reports more than a half dozen teams have renewed promotions with. Papa. John's, well the Coca Cola company is buying a minority stake in body armor escorts drink, maker whose backers include former basketball, star Kobe, Bryant financial terms.

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