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I really misjudged him. I'll be straight with thought. Well these a four man whose under-sized so he had not shutting any ability to play the perimeter. The way we the way he does now in pro obviously it appears a guy named gregg popovich thought that he could and knew more than i did so yeah. He ended up doing some things. But at the time we worked him out. We brought them in sacramento. I watched him over an nba workout and thought well. This guy is a good player but he just seems like an undersized four and i'm not too sure can play the perimeter. I was mistaken buddy. I was mistaken but is Russell shock or wilt. Well yeah i'm going with will you can't score hundred points. Yeah so i'll take well. I'll put shack engine out. Cut russ on that and unlike rust You know a story. A quick story about ross. Is that when i i had worked for. A coach named paul westphal own west of the paul was a mentor to me in the nba and he had coach charles. Barkley kevin johnson and dan marino's guys when they lost jordan in the finals and He was a mentor to me and so he was someone i really respected in. You'd mentioned before when he coached in college. Russell westbrook committed to come play for him. I wanna say it was pepper. Nine or lola marymount. It was the west coast school. And but that's the way the recruiting process works. Ucla had a guy who dropped out at the last minute rush. then left. Paul west falls commitment went to ucla. Instead that he made a play with. Darren collison as some real good players. But i'm paul was He was always sore about it because he's like an nba. Mvp come into play from the big west conference. But it didn't quite work out. Okay ray allen. Reggie miller steph curry. Yes steph steph. Just he's too much man he's off the triple. He almost changed. I i like i like reggie miller. He talked a lot of shipping. I enjoyed. he'll give it to the fans. He gave the choke to spike lee. That was look tainting. Yeah and and allen's hit big shots multiple teams. He with was the seattle supersonics back in day with the miami heat when he hit that shot in the corner. He's done so many things. But you know. I'm a northern california dude so steph curry's alleged out here and i think the world heaven you know i'll tell you. Another quick story is when we brought steph curry workout with sacramento kings. We into all yet. We brought a new with a number of other good guards. We brought a bunch of other good point guards in at the time. And including i believe week evans at the top and tyreek was too big for those gaps. So he was able to kind of use his size To blow to get to the rim and all and it didn't look as good for steph curry at the time but again you have to take those individual workouts the way you do with game film with a grain of salt and put them all together certainly steph. Curry was a lot better than we realized during an individual workout and ambassador for basketball. He's been i think the world of a c. so it would be blamed for curry. Will.

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