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Arrested caucus i knew thought you know before nivea purposes you'd radio right now have i made done i like all great like all great protests abdul to the denial ignored as it is not only over right now was seen rolling birmingham and microtarget street yellow cups turning writing making you go into the parking lot of all the right now at ninety five heatwave waving arabic haldeman you're coming back right now pay for collective holding up signs you're just tuning in a little scary hung up while eve i think he has to are to the police but we are still faced by lighting kurtz interact with the boston police he is currently being questioned by police i'm not sure this was a big fan evolve and navy stupid kirk who still listening the dokan arrested one vaca right there oh o for his hands on with his sounds like you officially been dale eggeling exactly where that serbs aides on by walk in akron of since he fashion engulfed moonlight later or a full with hitting back which early this forum beck kirk idead leg but still all the design or if he gets arrested reliever do while he read i mean it happens right happen every us i think there is actually one of my greatest regrets him i thought i'd idea w arrested for protesting a kat it's not too late you can go over there with them ha had him of his the 'cause i want to i want to die in the plug the story from an himself kirk luther king minute so that it brings us to the present the cops you'll hear and they were questioning kirk we'll see work all ghost i think it's i think has done though i i think that it's a big all the parties involved canada's wanted to go away what do you mean by legal i know i know this you know so the program director mike thompson uh out all this one is that the goal of the programme why should i know the program why should i know their children are these not our program.

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