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To hear you we'll take a break two four two seven eight five eight five two four two paul jones the background clown and more it's football time in the bluegrass or wherever you are we'll be right back to listening to the paul finebaum show podcast quarterback paul finebaum show they'll toby keith i like mullet toby keith not red solo cup toby gave but mullet toby keith is good and this is kind of the bridge between the two so i like to some fun for we lost him he did he's going i on twitter at finebaum to see what the finebaum twitter folks are saying and the reaction is mixed to poor mixed four there's pamela pamela tweet it looks like payola tweets a lot about the show pamela adams it looks like and she is not a fan she is basically saying that the larry from shell because the only thing that has made this bearable yet she's seems to have listened all of it it's all the matters i would argue that all you need got her hooked she's a fan she's annoyed yet over time we're like a fungus we just kind of grow on i was gonna say fine wine this works to blue says larry knows not what he speaks of jalen is the worst choice at quarterback i feel like the state of alabama that's the division it's not you know if you're in an album if you're now bama fan the division is clearly hurt jalen hurts versus to two.

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