David Madden, Monmouth University, Mr Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Be voted on we've been in meetings hour after hour day after day or between moderates and conservatives to find a path forward in addition of border security and help for docker recipients the proposal looks at detention issues minority leader nancy pelosi says a major concern is the separation of immigrant parents and children this is not normal and facts barbaric it has to stop i'm christopher cruise americans are grading president trump on his g seven summit last week at his face to face with north korean dictator kim john thune the historic summit kyw's david madden has the latest survey out of monmouth university suggests mr trump did not come off well as a world leader at the g seven summit in canada last week paul director patrick murray twenty two percent said trump came off stronger after that meeting and twenty nine percent said he came off weaker with thirty percents saying that it didn't really do anything for them off the singapore in the meeting with north korean strongman kim jon after that forty six percent said trump look stronger on the world stage and only thirteen percent say it made him look weaker president's overall approval rating out a little better with fortythree percent giving them a thumbs up forty six down the poll shows americans are mixed on whether newly imposed tariffs on allies will help or hurt this country and mr trump's best friend is a world leader russia's vladimir putin david madden kyw newsradio survivors of the valentine's day massacre in parkland florida are spending the summer on a mission rolling out a bus and trying to get their peers registered and motivated.

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