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Foster strong. After. Workers. No. Material departure from the daft punk song. So tell me a little bit about a little bit. Tell me a little bit of how you met. And what your creative partnership is like with her a friend of my wife called me up and said, hey, my best friend has a daughter. She's twelve years old. And they just want to see if she's got something now, and I'm like, okay for you. Of course, you're the nicest person. So I go on me. And I this total dorky kid big bottlecaps braces for days. I mean, talking a mile a minute, and I'm like going I loved her already. I'm like, oh my God. What a dork. I love this kid. And I got she's like, well I wrote a song, but not really a song. It's it's kind of a beginning of song. But not really because I don't have the beginning yet. But I kinda come in in the middle. And I have the middle of it and not really the end. So I said so you got a medal of song. And she's like kind of you know, and so she sits in plays me like this minute. Song, but I could instantly tell in her voice, there is something more soulful happening here. So I said I'll tell you what right five songs. Call me in two months. On the clock. She calls me up and says I've got five songs. So I kept my end of the deal. She came to my studio site, put her up at the microphone with the piano. I said, okay, I'm just going to record this just for my own self. So I can just hear it. So she does that didn't make one mistake plays all six, and I'm in tears. Okay. And I come out, and then I decided right there. I'm going to mentor her I never mind, you just have to say this. I never touched her songs. All I did was tell her to change keys 'cause she would tend to write lower. And I raise that key. And then tempo I would speed songs up or slowed down. That was all I did how much of your work with somebody like that. Or any artists is grounded by your own experience as a musician having played in a band and having worked on stage. Does that change the way you see the relationship between a performance a producer? And does it benefit the artists in some ways because you understand. What he or she is going through for me. All I know is my job as a producer and with anybody that I work with is to create a safe environment. But an honest one like so when you come to me it's like everything's from scratch. I sit we talk and then while you're talking I start feeling something and I'll pick up the Qatar go to the piano, and I'm like, it's time. And they'll go time for what I'm like a song is coming and then we'll start creating of song. So it's very important for me to put your clothes on not you put mine on. So that part is really really what was really important with will. Because I didn't want to be Linda Perry this old producer that comes in and tells us little kid that has a fresher perspective than I do at this point. You know, so my job was to just help her and nurture her. We're talking with Linda Perry who is nominated. For producer of the year at the Grammys. So I'm going to ask you about the opposite side of that equation. When you're working with people who are not quite as young as will you work with people like Pat Benetton are pink wants to Fani. I wanna play the song halfway gone. It's a song you wrote for paying. The serve like a girl. Soundtrack. Those are all demos that were done in one day. So like that song by pink. It was never released. So.

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