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Read the story john i just don't trust him he stood advice don't decency and integrity matter any more i'm a republican more no way mom for doug jones and another republican for dad chance i'm doug jones and this message the special election is slated for december the twelfth james hohmann of the washington post will be joining the shortly with his perspective on what's the next four the republicans jeff sessions who we heard from earlier held the alabama senate seat before becoming the attorney general at today's congressional hearing discrim congresswoman sheila jacksonlee about roy more and the alabama senate race i took the liberty of fuelling federal crimes against children particularly those dealing with sexual of physical abuse as you well know li kaufman wendy miller debbie watson gibson the attack or dis and in beverly young nelson these young women have accused of this individual judge more who is running for a federal office the united states senate of child sexual activity you believe these young women i am have no reason to doubt these young women and with that in mind if you believe these yang do you believe judge more should be seeded are in the senate if he wins and would you introduce investigations by the doj regarding his actions we will endow evaluate every case as to whether or not it should be investigated discount of courage would normally be a state case i would cite represented on on jackson jacksonlee that the all ethics people at the department of justice and i've talked to them about that when this campaign started it's the seed i used to how they advise me turned general should not be involved in this campaign i have eight rands in the campaign general ayatollah hsieh drastically adhere to make sure that if he deems that the united states saying i should continue if it comes to the united states senate uh that there would be possible bility of referring the case for at least a federal review by the department of justice we will derive democratic congress jacksonlee of texas send the attorney general before today yastrzhmbsky committee hearing congressional leaders also pressed on the issue of roy more speaker paul ryan he should step aside number one these allegations are our credible he should stay if if he cares about the values john claims to care about the nature side at ny times dot com fivethirtyeight writes the.

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