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Started meditating in their teens. started practicing. Something called transcendental meditation and in the seventies it was really popular and you know there was kind of spike in popularity. A couple of people actually wanted their kids to be able to grow up with transcendental. Meditation so i would say that we were a part of a intentional community and and In a way that our parents were just very progressive. They was this. Where was this geographically in iowa size regionally from chicago but they moved to iowa. When you're young where there are other folks who who wanted organic farming and meditation in the school systems and you know a lot of things that have come to fruition now but were not in the eighties. It was it was in hindsight right. I can't believe that my parents have that foresight. But i'm very grateful to have that early on in. It's definitely shaped the way that i i look at life. You know from from the beginning. Will i know that before you moved into investing. You were headed development at the david lynch foundation correct. Yes so my after school is any business school. And i did go out to the bay area. I started working in venture serendipitous laid. My father is not nor grandfather was not from our end. So i didn't know what business i wanted to start and so venture something. I can fell into where we had a family friend and he said well. I see entrepreneurs every day. Why don't you come analyze them. And see what could be good investments. And that was when i first got bit with the buck but simultaneously. I was out in the bay area. Avid film director. David lynch was starting a an organization and he was saying. I would like to be able to bring meditation to at risk youth in inner city schools. And so i started volunteering. What was becoming a foundation and got to know. David lynch and bob ross is executive director and eventually release fell in love with the organization and many years later ended up moving to new york and opening up the new york office. It bob in started building out the nonprofit are of tradition. What what overlaps you see between this work you know. I- mindfulness is so important. And you know. I definitely feel like my performance as entrepreneurs an internal game. You know like the work that we do internally is the thing that's going to have the biggest impact on our outcomes not necessarily a podcast we hear or talk. We listen to you. Know what is the thing that you kind of see. What's the pattern recognition that you apply from your your previous work to your current work. I think any type of meditation practice. Whatever works for you. Years should integrate some sort of some sort of that reflection for me. Tm has brought a sort of witnessing value equity to what i do. So i can ride the highs and lows with a with a certain amount of witnessing so you're not tossed about as as life can really do for you now. I'm not saying that. I approach everything perfectly but i can definitely tell the difference when i when i'm regular with my practice or when i'm not how things affect me i think investing that's a huge huge part of it. It's just can you. We just had an incredible volatility in the market. Can you stand what you're doing confusing when everybody else. Zagging can really understand your internal conviction. Because you can't you can't look to anybody else to give to give you that conviction. I think a lot of those things are kind of abstract benefits of tm. Some of the more practical just you know at a time wed mental health is so so important. Burnout is real. Live in new york city. There's never a time to stop so unless you have an intentional practice to be able to stop. There was just no way that you can control that. So i think for all those reasons. I'm grateful for it. I can always be more judicious factors. That can always. There's always more that you can do but you just of have to be easy with yourself and do it can. what's funny. You know what comes up for me. When i hear you saying that is like we're kind of in this entrepreneurial moment of like good artists borrow great artists steal and you know the copycat culture of you know hollywood right now where it's like. Whatever spiderman eighteen alike the fifth installment of the same movie with new actors and actresses. Right this it's similar like the copycat business of entrepreneurship. And i think what gets lost. Is you know when you really look at a lot of these companies that have like an original creative vision years later. They often don't really stray from that. Creative vision. I don't even remember the head space when we were building our brand identity for summit for instance and like really caring about you know the guidelines in the in the we built like an eighty six page brand doc like we worked with incredible people on our icon iconography and like you know like our language and all these things and like it's such a head space to get into and to your point if you don't have like self belief in the point of view it's very easy to tack to whatever's working right now. Just always be chasing whatever's working right now. So i can see what you're saying where it's like if you want to identify a visionary on moore say somebody that makes sense to resource into bed on to support you know in in helping sort of maintain that self belief in the vision you started with. I do think that the results actually speak to. I just always keep seeing this now. I'm like That company sold there. It started ten years ago. Or it's under new whatever it is but that sort of vision always seems to stick with these things i think it's a great point and we have saying internally it's the myth of the big idea everybody always says you come up the fabric. Come up with that idea and the thing is is that it's not the idea. Ideas are everywhere and everybody can kinda pull it from the consciousness of the moment but an executions the big part of it except for also it's just constantly being awake to where the trend is going so seeing a there's say see through the matrix like you were talking about that steadfast. You don't know the exact timing but that's where you can really have that intuition that bounces back and forth. I think best founders naturally. Do tap into this is sometimes people say you have to be a little bit in an outlier of crazy and sometimes it's not just somebody who's has that connection internally and i i love it you can feel you. Resonate with founders. Who really have that. You know to your point. The technologies can have outpacing the human condition right so we are strapped twenty four seven. We hear this all the time technology. But who's taking care of the human side of it and if you're not i joke that one of the first to atlas meditations now british thinks that the titian comes run out. Yeah it's it's one hundred percent right and that like we're over stimulated and rest it and now we're seeing some of these technologies come online that really lower the barrier for us to like get involved in something so i wouldn't say like it's it's pretty barrier for most people in their mind selects a get into transcendental meditation less they're exposed to it directly from someone that demystify whereas like you can just download com where you can download waking up and you're like right in the game you know. Each station is kind of saying that. There's one medication right. It's it's not. there's so much nuance to meditation. And sometimes some type of right for for pain management. I mean they know so much more about the brain functioning now too and so you know. Do you have an overactive magdala. Tm is classified as automated transcending in soda lousy to acquire part of your mind but in the result of that is that your body settles down. So you're getting depressed so we got enough depressed..

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