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Fourteen format look. I'm with you all the way coach I'm just trying to. All right. What if scenarios? We'll actually take a look at some things we can look at this weekend. This is one of our favorite things to do. By the way before we do that take a look at the College Football playoff. Obviously, this is the timeframe here, the Rosebowl, January first the allstate sugar bowl January I those would be the first round playoff games and then the national championship will give you January eleven twenty, twenty one, no change that even though there's been. A change to the committee. So now that we've taken a look at those states that are in front of you, let's take a look at some of the action that you're GonNa get this weekend we're going to speed through some of the best this week's game. The week also decided College Game Day Got Auburn versus Georgia the deep South's oldest rivalry, the hundred and twenty-fifth between these teams Dez, what are you looking for from Georgia at the quarterback position in this one? I want to know who's going to line up at quarterback for Georgia. We saw happened a week ago when they played Arkansas started with doin. Mathis. Thought he was going to be the answer he just seemed to struggle out the gate didn't play well. So then Stetson Bennett came in, you know he played well saved them. Do I actually came back in the game late you can tell us, Kirby want to get him some. In live actions despite the fact that he didn't play well earlier, not forgetting now J. T. Daniels he's been cleared. He was a pretty good quarterback USC. All right. Let's flip to the next game. Texas am had some struggles against Bandy, they take on number two Alabama one of the teams in the SEC with the huge win their coach. What are you looking for from Caitlyn Minden? This Cowan Mon- has to play better.

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