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Can ask for Jim Munroe. He's the attorney who handles bankruptcy. If you're involved in a bankruptcy and have questions about it or thinking about filing one he'd be the man you'd want to put your questions to he also answers student loan questions. My name is rob Solomon. I am a landlord tenant attorney, if you're a landlord and haven't been getting paid the rent trying to figure out what your next step or first step would be I might have a few suggestions for you. Or if you're not getting paid the services that you expected to get when he signed up for your tendency, again, I might be able to direct you as to how you might approach. I'd issue. I also answer criminal law questions. Do you is? Small claims and consumer matters boundary line disputes, an overhanging trees both of us are available for the next hour or so off the air free of charge four zero seven four two three five five six one. Got you on the phone can ask you a question. Yes. I know that you do residential tenant evictions during this holiday season Christmas Hanukkah season are the judges more reluctant to evict people out of their homes. Do they intentionally delay it so that people can get through the holidays? Well, I think that in a way they do because it's there's a lot less hearing times to begin with. So we don't tend to have a lot of contested hearings during this period of time. And I do think judges are sensitive, and so am I for that matter, you know, I would not want to have somebody removed from their home the week of Christmas. So I think you're gonna find that people are on all at all levels of the. Process are going to be more sensitive to that issue than not. All right. Rob. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. You're welcome. Yes. Right. Lawyers taking time out of their Saturday morning as well. If you want to.

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