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Sports radio one of Dave what's your brother how you doing man I'm good man she was info we got eighty degrees out here I'm not sure where you guys are over there but I'm good all my god yeah I am I think tonight we did sell where I am it's I think it's like thirty one wins L. thirty mile an hour winds yeah no no okay come out here the regulation Dave I was just in Vegas and it was seventy and I've I've recently lost over a hundred pounds and I was actually a little chilly like yeah it's crazy how you lose weight and you lose the insulation and like sixty five degrees I want to sweat shirt but I still like a fan long sleeve shirt on I become an old person overnight so my temperature it's terrible I'm forty nine rolled out of like that is like eighty degrees throughout the lord might might Columbia coat that's not cool John the old no so basically it's it happens all of us well they lease the same boat so about that what do you got our party about a better hand size like look at Russell Wilson you know and and you know all those people there like shorter in there and like good hand side going understand the combine like you need attendance hand you know otherwise like all these young people are like come on man Russell Wilson and pondered what day did I hear here's what I think it is and and I dress this a little bit early you may not have been listening thank you friend I appreciate you it's really in bad weather like it is very interesting that you bring up Russell Wilson and I don't remember the Russell Wilson hand size but when I see you also will simply in bad weather he's pretty good at handling the football and that's where that kind of hand size can come into play in terms of holding what football and it's really the ability to spend it that's what it comes that there is a thought they'd with the hand size you can handle the football bad weather and the bigger the hand the ball smaller sure you can really fall like that thing off the fingers and get yourself some spin and that's what you want you want that tight spin on the ball to be able to cut through and go where you want plus the guys didn't really know what they're doing and I'm talking about Brees Brady these kinds of guys they have the ability to throw the ball down and away and I'm not talking about like right handed pitcher right handed batter down the way I'm talking about there's a guy coming over the middle and you don't want his head to get ripped off so you're going to throw it down in a way where the receiver can slide to make the catch but also get down to protect themselves the real essence of quarterback play in my opinion is tied into the ability to throw the football where you want to it's not so much when you throw it you can be laid on the ball as long as you're getting it to where you want to the great quarterbacks the great ones in the NFL in my opinion they have three things moxie they make people believe whether it's fans or the players and what's most important is the players somebody with moxie walks in the horrible and they have the undivided attention of the people in that whole more they walk out into the huddle with two minutes to go and it's hi boys let's go you know the old for those who've seen the movie the program bill Joe Cain because other women and children to bed and go looking for believe in dinner there's a little bit of that I need a quarterback with moxie I need a quarterback it is accurate and I need a quarterback I can think you give me those three things are quarterback I think I'm gonna have a lot of success and I can give you an example of someone who's a little sketchy on some of that it it's camera I like cam Newton the player I like his ability to present something different to a defense watch cam Newton throw the ball there's not a lot of touch there's not a ton of accuracy now I'm sure they'll be those who argue and be like Hey maybe thrown in the guy could catch it yes but are you throwing a juror receiver to where they have the ability to make the catch and do something with it are you throwing the ball to a receiver in a spot he gives you where say you're running a route down the sideline and at wide receiver correctly so ones that route say for three to four yards off the sideline sure you give the quarterback a little bit of variance there to kind of drop dead thing over the shoulder squeeze it would just bang it might squeeze it into the sideline and then the guy you can get the freedom to get out of bounds that's the kind of stuff but I'm talking about those are the quarterbacks the ultimately thrive and don't just survive in the NFL there are plenty of guys are talented who could throw it on a lake yeah well the ball seventy five yards down field if someone has the ability to run seventy five yards down the field and beat someone while doing it those days are few and far between in the NFL anymore now you need guys who can think you need guys who can operate an offense you need guys who can think ahead and say alright I normally get this crossing route but is the middle linebacker gonna be there ready to take out my crossing route wide receiver or am I gonna be able to wait a little bit in Chile runs by that guy and make sure the middle linebacker cannot the past down and I get into my little June bug wide receiver slide behind someone and I put it on him to where he can turn either protect himself or turn and make some make some Hey get some yards Fauria there's a lot that goes into evaluating quarterbacks more than just what we see on TV leadership is a big big issue for me when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks and that's why I use the word moxie because to me when you're a quarterback that has moxie not the terrible soda they sell in may when you walk into a room and someone says that's my guy that's my guy that's moxie walk into the meeting room if you have the ability to take over and captivate the room when you walk in the room there are other players on your side of the ball or not on your side of the ball better on your team who say that's my do remember Teo Crinan stuff I made fun of and there's no question but that's along the lines of the kind of connection that you want with the people we're gonna play the quarterback spot my quarterback that I had in college it's got a neighbor Chris Hixson who went on to he went into a couple camps he played in the arena league for a long time he's now created something called Q. B. I. Q. he's working with Trent Dilfer and stuff like that I had that feeling when I played college football bout him that guy got into the huddle we were all looking at you know sometimes you see a quarterback in the huddle and you could tell the dudes that are connected with quarterback or not this is an offense sulaimon in the huddle I just close my eyes and all I needed to hear in the play call was left or right so I knew where to line up as a tight tackle meaning I was a tackle always to the tight end side of the formation I wasn't right or left in our offense it was split or tight I was the type to tackle near the tight end and your quarterback had the ability to to kind of be like a maestro within our offense he ran for multiple years and it for me all I could do is be in the huddle close my eyes and hear writer laughed and what the number was on the play call that's all I needed to hear and for me I knew what to do by when you get into a two minute drill three start to look at your quarterback or that's restart the look to the guy for a little guidance a little a little push a little burst and you want to go on your card for that guy there's a lot of physical skills in evaluating the traits of quarterbacks there's also a lot of inherent skills the requires a lot of scouting a lot of investigation and I would dare say the shining example of what I talked about this year was Joe burrow like Joe burrow walked into a room and people believed he made them believe because you went out of play great I would dare say as we welcome in J. Berman they you know it's a lot like on the DA show when GA walks into that room they have the I mean location Palade DA has their attention he is that quarterback and then there's the rulebook as he walks in the room to try to gather them they're all like shut up with the chocolate off your fingers seriously but that like D. A.'s Joe borrow and the morass is more like no I'm trying to think of a crappy LSU quarterback jamarcus goalie jamarcus Russell not to March is the number one pick though razzle Guam on to that the the NFL jamarcus well there you go yeah yeah yeah yeah I had the same body type is more Marcus Russell whenever whenever he made it to the old NFL eight five five two one two four C. B. S. eight five five two one two four two two seven yeah is this a boring night for you in terms of the the world sports J. like only a couple NBA games a lot of smaller conference college basketball tonight there was a top twenty five games give me wrong there were a lot of good hockey tonight yeah you know what I wish I I love talking hockey it's like for real used to do it all the time I know and and I know he's a big part cat and all that stuff and I like my pox too but man it is so tough to talk kind of big picture in the world of hockey there's so many names and so many guys to try to keep up with that it's no less you're really immersed into your local team or you're just a you know hockey is your number one sport god dang it's hard to follow all the people I love hockey I will always love hockey but I will tell you and I will get right in line with everyone else and says it doesn't belong on sports talk radio it's just it just doesn't just doesn't work yeah I would I would agree with that and at all until the Cup finals only because you're down to wonder you're down to two teams what I think the Cup plus there's a level of excitement in the Stanley Cup playoffs than his own matched I I love plants and I love betting playoff hockey all my god the money you can make the playoffs are you really I'm I'm big into that and by the way three you know tonight and thanks a Lakers to come in and all I had a idle for team money line parlay on all the favorites tonight in the NBA Lakers OKC Indiana Philadelphia turned into a nice little profit by the way I know to score you will not be giving but in conference USA all I would like to thank our western Kentucky for pushing Louisiana tech to overtime and then covering the one and a half in overtime ninety five ninety one big win for me how about that yeah yeah yeah yeah I got going on in the old generasi front what do you play what your casino game of choice like I said the biggest Alpi gal poker when you go to a casino what you play while many of the boys have been locked in on craps of late it's tough on the bankroll yeah it's here's the thing and it's a lot like roulette in that if you can somehow and I know this sounds ridiculous but if you can somehow get up early the ball can roll the the snowball can sort of increase if you will if you lose out of the get go it's difficult because you're like you said you need a lot of money to win the one thing I've always appreciated about craps is that there aren't a lot of games in the house did you can bet with the house and that don't pass wind like it ticks people off of the table but man if you were there so many of it again the casinos were built on winners and that's one of the games were I can bet with the house so unless some rolling if I'm betting on the dole I don't wait like I stay away but if I want to dabble a little bit all kind of change it up on on the whole if you're riding the don't pass line you're probably going to make money craps is true and also craps gets the biggest ovations you all of those big crowds are those versions are other craps or blackjack I agree with that now do you embrace that home I'm not a big Shearer bush I will say this especially with craps when a lot of people win you know I'm all in I'm all in just quickly I will tell you the one of the super bowls I covered down in New.

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