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May i listened to please. Oh wow ace blooper which is the land. The blue jays. Yeah bloopers appraised because For reasons why they used to have chief nakajima but there's literally nothing dinger slider which cleveland indians slugger which can't see royal southpaw which doesn't even on accounting and it's the white sauce swinging friar. That's it so you have you. Can't you don't even have to make it baseball. Related when baron in milwaukee baxter the bobcat in the diamondbacks bernie brewer billy. The marlin dandy. Who's yankees people right there. Yeah junior which is the other you know. Blue jays mascot lucille sam orbit for the astros issue. The trash other issues oscar ground because they want trash the orioles green. He is green. You know but he had she though. Oscar has martin morals. You have the perot knees empire eric. Yeah the racing resins nationals rosy rosie reds so this whole logic of you need it to be. you know. Try sarah's hops in of itself you just have to call at like you know the colorado You know colorado. Charlie's but i you know i would get my name sagan their stop out swinging friar. Wow thirty one years. I've been alive have been baseball. Fan for about twenty five of them. And i just realized padres and friar and padres. Bashford you really. You really did get that until now. You wanna why. I don't care for the bhadra. They've been trashed. Majority my life in sports and now it's all kind of donnie. I'm like and they still guys. I looked up and looked up a block. A glossary of terms Tater cater the triceratops cater. Waiter like yeah. Tater pay triceratops fine. Yeah that's it's it. Sounds like you know the kid who pays in class but okay or tag tag tag Taghi tagging now. Because i think that just opened up some mean middle school or kids. Yeah i league replace the to you for certain word is your mascots same. Dj kitty and tampa is out our official on like a one year thing. Because i i felt like an owner fans. Kinda know their mascots. Raymond of a nondescript. Saying i don't follow a team that can get move next year. Oh well ups aren't taken. He's in montreal. Still yet the cool thing you'd be was the mascot for all the montreal teams in. That's that's pretty cool. I can dig it now. That leaves me a question would. Up pull double duty if the expos went back and like if a team of a team any team doesn't matter if it's relocated or it was the brand new expansion franchise would you be pulled double duty and be the mascot for both the haves and the new expos every match would this is basically who gets the kids in the divorce and because well it wasn't that he was orphaned more than anything he wasn't he was orphaned. The expos led for dc and they left them up in montreal. This new. it's more kintu is honey. I'm not the robot he's little. Oh boy all right. let's see ads. Cow francisco's like andrew problem. Like this was literally what we did when you were gone. Yeah this is exactly they on the show..

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