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Oh bala water uh put that may get a url monory up with chocolate syrup i put popcorn in there in the poor hot oil limits surprised were the attended yeah and also it feels it up like you only need a few colonels it's you so that's why you didn't get a lot of lays kids you were in i don't mean potato chips right and i don't mean you had you put all of your lays on way away yeah and what i said was get these lays away from me and my wife don't touch my wife i hate of that we went out to a dinner one night and everywhere you go because every like like ninety percent of the people in hawaii or on their honeymoon now and so that's why he said i couldn't come he has that for us if you couldn't tell i'm sorry buddy next time we are everywhere you go there like um so he celebrating your honeymoon era and like normally we were like now like fling is like 'cause like dessert walk outside sell yourself either you sell is something or there's going to be a thing and we went to this one placers plays mama's fish house which is like a very expensive tourists deplace but like you have to go there i am maui is a dozen without i should i believe it sounds like yeah odds mama's fish algesiras at in the backyard and guess what tom two hundred and sixty three dollars leaner wound each now uh so he didn't pay for your wife though held now or a list we split everything 5050 um she.

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