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In the dark by the end of the day today despite making prog us in restoring power at one point more than four hundred thousand a utility customers in maine were without power utilities in new hampshire and vermont also reporting continued outages officials in the three states expect to seek federal assistance to help pay for the repairs president trump now having to japan with the first off of his fivenation asia trip cnn's riot nobles reporting the president's schedule there's going to be busy middle with a leader i japan's shuzo ave also play golf with him as they discussed the important matters facing asiapacific region in this what will end up being the longest trip of the trump administration today trump visits south korea china vietnam the philippines the president telling reporters he'll be talking about trade the situation in north korea during his trip what a president trump's most trusted confidants former longtime bodyguard keith schiller who served as a sounding board for nearly two decades facing questions from congressional investigators next week about trump's 2013 trip to moscow that trip the center of some of the most serious allegations about famous dossier which contains unverified charges the president has strongly disputed bloomberg white house correspondent shannon petty peace telling us about schiller and his involvement he was in moscow at that miss universe pageant in the the dossier he was sitting next to him on every phone call during the campaign so key schiller knows a lot but he is fiercely loyal to the president had another part of the world in tehran iran today people chanted death to america and death to israel as iran shows off a surfacetosurface missile during an annual rally marking the anniversary of the 1979 a us embassy takeover thousands of people gathered at the rally some burning flags of both the us in israel as well as an effigy of president trump wbz news time is eleven thirty three it's traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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