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When you threaten to strike. In my opinion. I think we have none. I think we have none whatsoever. Because the company has it started it announced it last week in it's going to be finishing up the end towards the end of this week Wednesday Thursday, they are emptying the system of all freight there they've told the customers because of the possibility of a strike we are going to empty our system. And after like, I said when Thursday week, we will no longer be picking up any customers freight in over in reasoning for that is the company doesn't want customers freight to be stranded inr system, because if there's a work stoppage in we've had we got their freight it it's not gonna move. It will affect the our our customers customers is gonna affect their business. So it's just makes sense. I think from company company standpoint, I think it's it makes it's perfectly justified, and it makes Bizet mixed sense from business important to at goodwill gesture on the company's part to say. We don't know what the this is going to be ratted put, you know, put a gun to your head as it were by holding your freight. You're good hostage. We're gonna set. Listen. We're gonna you're gonna have to make up arrangements. Yeah. Because the company has to consider the the backlash from its client base that uses UPS, and then all of a sudden I wear the the strike happened. And now your stuff is trended in stranded in poughkeepsie, and it's not going to get delivered. At least now they know. Hey, I just gotta make other arrangements starting on what they say the ninth. They're clearing everything out as of the ninth. I believe that sounds about right. I I don't remember the heart as but that's no it's Wednesday or Thursday of this week. So that's that's both a smart decision on UPS part in terms of dealing with its clients. It's also pretty big power move. Isn't it in terms of the union to say, hey, listen. We're just we're just gonna shut you guys off. Well, from the standpoint that the way it worked is with before negotiations even began the union got what they call a strike authorization. They put it to the membership. Whether we would authorize a strike in the event that in the event that came to that and we did authorize a strike both freight L -til freight in package did that. So the there's there was a memo put out by the go sheeting committee at the national level, the cl- clearly states that while a strike is not what we want to do the strike authorizations already given in. If the vote is returned as ING. No if it comes back as no-vote a strike will take place. It's not it's not it's not maybe or we'll talk some more. It's no we will strike is just a matter of win. We can't the the the union has to call the strike. So the the workers can't say, okay? We we heard the votes don't. We're not gonna working whether the union will authorize a strike, but they will call a strike was. Okay. So, but what's actually let me let me tell you. Let me tell you a little bit about policy genius. And and then I want to ask you about the logic behind that given given the position that they're in and the move that UPS has made here. Let me tell you like about policy genius from his policy genius is is life insurance is dental insurance is pet insurance. All disability insurance. They got it all and as you guys know, it's really important. You gotta have it. Specially you know, if you believe like, we do that you ought to be taking care of yourself and.

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