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I mean, he there's there are a lot of obviously, a lot of culprits in bringing Washington to place where it is now, but but McConnell's role in in in this this rise of of obstruction in gridlock that we've had in Washington in real kind of really kind of a degrading of norms in Washington is just cannot be overstated. Just if you look at at the rise of these of the filibuster and always other blocking tactics in his time as Republican leader it, the the the the fault them responsibility. Very clearly lies with him. And and many. Sort of many are arbiters of Washington have basically come to that conclusion. Okay. So is it fair then to say, then Mitch Mitch McConnell should be taking some ownership for this government shutdown too. Absolutely. I mean in the way that he it most most specifically really because he has played he played an enormous role in the election of Donald Trump to extent that this shutdown is is brought to us by Donald Trump. Mitch McConnell is responsible for it because of his own role in in Trump's election. He he helped elect Trump in any number of ways. First of all, of course, with the blocking of merit Garland's nomination refusing to even hear that nomination to entertain it at all which is a complete break with with norms in Washington. He gave Trump huge hand by by giving Republicans reason to rally around Trump in the fall, he he also helped elect Trump by basically by feeding the this Republican rise Republican opposition to chew Bama in sort of seating. This kind of tea party ish conservatism. Yeah. Well, LX stand by here for just a second and Bill Straub as well. We are talking about the Senate majority leader about Senator Mitch McConnell and his role in this government shutdown right now, he says he's going to do very little until the president and Democrats come to some sort of agreement is that the right way to go. Or is it just exacerbating the problem? We'll be right back. I'm making a trucker birdie. This is.

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