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Harm's way to help everybody else out there yeah they're special special people so we're gonna get up about fifteen minutes or a little bit less of questions but again let me remind you this is the time the next two to three weeks it's going to be absolutely critical to doing everything we can to protect Kentuckians let's do it I know we're up for it yes governor you are listening to Kentucky governor Andy Beshear giving his update that he's been giving every day on the Commonwealth's response to the corona virus you heard in close with just there it's a point that he made multiple times in that news conference today the next two to three weeks are going to be critical when it comes to slowing the spread of the disease staying inside keeping nonessential businesses closed and the like Dr stacked the public health commissioner Kentucky referring to it as crunch time saying that college kids who went on spring break need to self quarantine adults with children who could potentially be having play dates need to call those off for now governor bush you're saying there are one hundred ninety eight cases now in Kentucky there confirmed that is thirty five new slightly less from yesterday five deaths now the latest the seventy five year old man from Jefferson County among those new cases reported in Kentucky four of them were in northern Kentucky in Kenton county the governor also announcing unemployment benefits going to workers like independent contractors also next week saying the Kentucky should have its first of potentially future drive through ways to test for the virus he also announced no more evictions in the state for now is the response goes John referring to people need to be healthy at home but they need to have a home to do it the governor's chief of staff also went into details about a new executive order that specifically applies to non lifesaving businesses businesses such as grocery stores pharmacies banks and gas stations are allowed to remain open though if you are going to them you should keep your time spent at them at a minimum also industries the produce medical equipment can stay open you can still get your roof and plumbing fixed if you need to however businesses like attorneys offices accountants CPA's that are still running and could potentially do things remotely those sorts of businesses are now being asked to close to in person traffic the governor giving out a website again for reports and potentially ask questions on K. Y. safer dot gov we will bring all this to you and more coming up at six o'clock we're also standing by for the White House task force to give its update on the latest on a nation wide response to corona virus still waiting on the Senate to call a vote on the two billion tree tsunami roughly two trillion dollar stimulus package that's apparently been agreed to in principle still no vote on that yet in the upper chamber we are waiting to learn more details from the White House when that update comes it will bring it to you live right here on news radio seven hundred WLW Cincinnati we're going to take a commercial break and we will get back into programming here in just a moment from the UC health traffic center thank you to all the doctors nurses and care givers giving their all every day visit UC health dot com to learn how you can help our community they've cleared the accident westbound to seventy five at seven forty seven traffic back to normal there these are the latest accidents freemen Avenue a guest street suspension bridge road west of Kilby road Glendale Milford road east of reading in fort Mitchell on Sleepy Hollow road in Amsterdam road and cleaning up Chester road at Merion road in Woodlawn I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred WLW the forecast from the seven hundred WLW weather center for tonight clear skies a low of forty four for tomorrow sunshine again.

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