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I could door dash dry clean same thing. I'll tell you what this office is very sick. JORDACHE PEOPLE NOCCO all the way of the door. There's been almost three wars at this office right in front. Tim McAfee is leading the charge to McAfee is not if they don't come to the door. Tim McAfee refuses to get his food. You'll have them sit out there in a car all day. If he has two zero two zero those waged war on people trying to door shut down because they won't come to the door so let's hope to dry cleaners. Come all the way to the door. How many suits Taylor what Taylor already I had a Taylor in Indianapolis? Actually Adam Sanitary Taylor is very good. Yeah Yeah Andrew Andrew Porter very good. I ordered some stuff from Andrew border. He's great. He's great demand. I think I paid them to. I never got that sheet not cheap but it's very good Medicare. You would admit GonNa tear one of the best dressed guys on. I'm not he's. He started wearing bracelets and stuff too. He's all into the Best Lahat. He's got a three piece the the little pocket watch that goes with it yeah he's. He doesn't mess her shoes. Gucci shoes. Oh Yeah I'm not sure about the brand on shoes but <hes> I'm certain Asanin Gucci flipflops flops take care of the moneymakers you know then he's the best he really is. The Best I mean you you are as well <hes> <hes> Todd McCullough says a question for you first of all congratulations to both of you guys the real winner or the college football fans for sure but also you guys win and I just wanted to look at it this way for a second like I assume that the best guys in the booth are the best because they're both analysts and entertainers so it seems like if you look at this particular booth and it's kind of a Frankenstein's project they created the perfect monster because they brought in Mr Entertainment and mister x's knows your guy with one of the most guys also funny and Matt The funniest guy that come out of the League is also knowledgeable on football and Pat. Is there any thought that you guys this. This is the most perfect situation for each of you because once you leave. Maybe you leave with skills from each other. You didn't have before here what he just said. <hes> you know pattern. I've actually talked about that a little bit..

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