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Can practically smell the movie let's talk about the most nominated person alive John Williams and the rise of sky Walker of course he won the Oscar for the original Star Wars so let's take a quick listen to fanfare and prologue which is nominated this is fifty second nomination fifty second nomination the only person who's ever receive more is Walt Disney himself and John Williams as you can hear from the the clip that you just played his music music that is written for Star Wars is iconic this is hardly the first time he's been nominated for a Star Wars movie but it does sort of like the questions that how much of the nomination belongs to music that is written specifically for this film the rise of Scott Walker rather than music that's the sort of been in the other in our culture for for so long there are a few I mean certainly the movie has plenty of original music in it there are few original pieces that do stand out and are able to stand toe to toe with with some of those classic themes but probably the most affecting moments from his score or when he takes themes from the previous two movies in this latest Star Wars trilogy and shifts their keys in a way the way the villain he can certainly be shifted into a major key and a character like hi Lorraine can be redeemed and music conveying that maybe even more powerfully than the images to my guess is David Ehrlich senior film critic at indiewire we're talking about the nominees for best score we've got Alexandra Desplat for little women who is he Alexandre Desplat is is that one of the most prolific and virtuosic composers in working in movies today he's been nominated for eleven Academy Awards and it's actually one twice which is something that some of the people in this category even those who've been nominated more than him I cannot say for themselves the one for the shape of water and the grand Budapest hotel and he can do anything it's really remarkable a you can throw him into any situation he'll make five or six scores a year and all sound completely unique and his score for little women is it borrows its influences from from and classical influences wells people's motors David Bowie and what I love about it and I think why it might be the most memorable the scores nominated is that it feels it has the the exuberant energy of becoming that races to the movie it it's not just the music to accompany the story of a writer it feels like a story being written and but also at the same time has the energy of a snow globe has that beautiful sort of New England as self contained feel that the movie reached the table and it all comes down to a really beautiful piano melody that aches with with with hope and beauty but also longing and nostalgia for something that you'll never be able to have again it's it's a really special piece of work let's take a listen to little women from the film little women sounds like it was in another movie.

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