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Ministry alfaw state security in shaida i'll where you cannot talk about but three ts you cannot talk about taiwan you can't call about tibet you can't talk about tiananmen massacre back yet 1989 all you can talk about is off on you know how wonderful the people's republic china is and how everybody in mandarin chinese so they can read the news reports from the new china news agency which is the propaganda arm of the chinese communist party's so the the penetration is very d i is continuing and we got to rise up to it we are five or ten years away from a tipping point after which china will become so strong powerful that there will be no recovering no recovery analysts here from head of goldman sachs lloyd mike klein other globalists' ha ha trump you'll never get the infrastructure back we're moving everything to china america's done our global elites basically us him openly sided with china for decades is larger plan i'll you're an expert on that that i want to talk about when we come back because they're literally tackling like the wicked witch in the east saying like my pretty it's already done well we'll see if that's the case trump at least is trying to get us awake to this to a certain extent that's what makes me so mad the whole russia canard not that i'm a ryuzo or a ruse the file either way don't hate russia don't love russia i just have studied the facts and it looks like russia on a wrecker scale what i mean how i mean maybe one tenth 1029 i mean if you've seen so small compared to the sophisticated chinese total penetration plus the elites here that have an open arm pill it let's talk about this uh uh the author of the bully of asia stephen motion straight ahead a gedi armor has been on a mission to manufacture the most comfortable body armor on the market and we've succeeded with the release of our sikh.

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