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Know up in the Minneapolis area, there is a beach twin lake, and it's kind of a secluded area. That's unofficially a spot where some people like Tio let it all hang loose. Get a tan everywhere if you know what I mean. I think you know what I mean. Well, the Golden Valley Police Department has now been using drones to catch anybody tanning in the buffet this beach and you know what? I am not a defund The police guy, however. If you are spending taxpayer dollars on drones to make sure that people don't take their tops off at the beach. I am all for de funding that ABC. Dependable traffic Right now, we've got a bunch of ladders, blocking the carpool and fast lanes on the 101 westbound at Woodman Avenue, slowing on the one on one south to the 10 East. This is a two car wrecked their blocking the fast lane. Singular in downtown on the 1 10 north bound at the 10 stop and go Traffic takes you back to MLK Jr Boulevard. This is due to an overturned big rig blocking that ramp. It's been a problem for a while. You want to avoid this area if you can. Caltrans has a sweeper train working in the Corona area on the 71 north bound between the 91 so kill Canyon Parkway until three o'clock today, that's dependable traffic. I'm Sharon Reardon am 7 90 k A. B. C. The smell good Plumbers at my diamond will unclog your drain for $99. Having your stoppage and stopped by these a room. A friendly technicians can save you money, prevent flooding inside your home and remove all unnecessary.

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