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Traffic. Someone's honking behind you or someone's honking beside you or someone's not driving fast enough in front of you and then that is what dawson search relates to as a paper tiger. So maybe it's not a real tiger. It's there in front of you but it's a paper tiger so now we are so used to our habits and our patterns that we usually are not aware of them anymore. Why because our brain is actually lazy. It's trying to save energy. it's trying to put what's in the short term memory into the term so you can be automated program. So we don't have to consciously think about it. Think of your desktop. You have too many windows open it slows down the system so same with us so many if not most of our patterns are automated. They're like autopilot programs. That just wanted so challenging. Sometimes to become aware. That's why feedback is essential without feedback. Eight days you behave like a drama queen onto a little bit so if nobody would tell me then i may never know so everyone by the way. I'm not a drama queen. And i don't behavior such in case anyone out. There is interested in that. But i know of drama queen so the question is do i enable it or do i set my boundaries. Now if i am a drama queen let's say some of our listeners. Out there realized now. Maybe i have the tendency to exaggerate or maybe i have the tendency when i'm in the group of people that i always have dramatic story to tell and if somebody tells well the neighbor's dog died then. Oh but you know. What their oh. Twenty dogs died at the same time. Can you imagine so always trying to maybe have the bigger story on greater impact of my story. So then if. I'm becoming aware of that than i can have look at the roots when i'm not aware of it. Leave it alone because you're not aware of it. Look if it's not on the surface there's nothing you can do with it..

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