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And of course, he with all these meals is that if you presented this to any guest who was coming over for dinner one night and said, it didn't tell them how you eight. They would still think it was one of the best dishes they ever had right? Because it's so satisfying. So flavorful, it's so tasty. And that's really the secret had Kito is that all the all the meals that we eat are really good really flavorful and really satisfying and filling. Yeah. Exactly. And I think like I said, I think that's the important clarification. Because I've seen some some versions of Kito that I consider pretty dangerous when they're like, the carnivore diet, which isn't specifically Kito or just people who are literally drinking cups in cuts cups of fat to hit certain Kito metrics and macro and they're forgetting about the vegetables, and I'm just cringing from the gut bacteria side like we were made to eat a wide variety of different types of vegetables at micronutrients pre. Prebiotics that feed our gut and been worrisome to me. I'm glad that. You're the voice of reason in the world explaining Kito dozen clued vegetables, and it's not just okay. It's important to eat those especially with kids. Exactly, not just okay. But born and people again, they -ssume that vegetables have lots of carbs. But if you look at like three servings of of broccoli, there's like eight grams of carbs in what you would consider three servings of broccoli. And then if you put butter on it or all oil or KADO oil or some kind of what I like to do is dip it in our primal kitchen. Garlic Ailey mayo. You're not only you're sort of dispersing those cards which are already locked in..

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