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A poisoning. That's why they're playing close officers that will be in the. The crowd watching for illicit transactions. Police and paramedics will be carrying narc and to counter the effects then there's the traffic in the trash in the past up to five tons of garbage was leftover event. Sponsors have been starting to help clean that up. But as far as the traffic, expect big delays around Sharon meadow reporting live, Holly, Kwan KCBS. Thanks Holly coming up next on KCBS. What's next for Democrats? Now that the mullahs report is out. CBS first for traffic. George Raskin for Kim this morning. Good Friday, and that does seem to have trained a little bit off the top here, George Wyatt. Sure has stand. It's very very light conditions the best canary in the coal mine. This morning is the bay bridge. There is no backup in the westbound direction. They haven't even thought about turning the metering lights on light coming in from the eighty approach all the approaches to the span where we have some slowing, but not the usual amount is on interstate five eighty and interstate two oh five the trip in from Tracy, but it's only a little sluggish at mountain house Parkway onto five for that last three quarters of a mile to a mile till you join up with interstate five eighty which is heavy into the Altima to the construction zone. But by Northland road, you're back at the limit westbound. So no problems there the rest of the drive through the Livermore valley out to the Dublin interchange is problem-free let's say good morning to day Foulkes. He's with us. Now. At the Chilton auto body collusion GAM where we do have some slowing is the old chokepoint the mayor island bridge. Good morning. Dave good morning. Yeah. We've seen extra slow traffic this week. Westbound thirty seven people tried to avoid the bottleneck on five eighty for the Richmond bridge already despite holiday for some. It is pretty heavy over the Maryland bridge west thirty seven slow Wilson avenue into that lane merge. And a bit backed up at the Richmond bridge this morning westbound, but not nearly as much as usual next update. Six eighteen traffic leader, KCBS fog, and along the coast nice finger of shoving into the Golden Gate commute this morning temperatures. Today are going to be pretty close to where they were yesterday inland. Maybe three or four degrees, cooler, maybe a little more dramatic cooling, right along.

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