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This afternoon on all things considered. Currently it's thirty nine degrees and overcast in central park at three o'clock. This is WNYC FM HD AM. Things that are impossible traveling at the speed of light finding that lost sock in your laundry comprehensive immigration reform, hasn't really gotten that bad. You can't stop a bad storm. There are two things you can do if you have time is a head for the potato cellar and get out of the way, and then start planning how you're going to rebuild after the storm is through the destruction that it's brought, but after nearly a month of shutdown can you blame Chuck Hagel? This is political football. The anti immigration activists figured out a way to make not always conscious allies of the left. Needless to say, congress did not take action because congress has trouble getting on bed in the morning. Bipartisan bills break down an immigration reform fails over and over again, why immigration reform is impossible at least for now. That's next on politics with Amy Walter from the takeaway. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. President Trump says he's looking forward to holding a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN near the end of February a short time ago. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, said the venue will be announced at a later date. She says Trump had just met with North Korea's former intelligence chief Kim Yong charcoal for about an hour and a half to talk about North Korea's pledge to denuclearize implants for a second summit. Trump and Kim Jong UN met last June in Singapore since then there has been little apparent progress made on denuclearization. This is day. Twenty eight of the partial government shutdown unpaid federal workers are predicting greater consequences from the dispute between President Trump and congressional Democrats NPR's David welna reports they're hoping the effects of the shutdown will be seen by others. She declines to give her name fearing reprisals from her federal employer. But the scientists has been furloughed says the key to. Ending the shutdown is more people experiencing the economic pain, it's causing people outside the federal government will start feeling it more and more. And you know, that's I guess when the pressure will really start a screening officer with the Transportation Security Administration who also wishes to remain anonymous says one huge impact would be from a widespread sickout by TSA employees. I would like to call out sex. I would I would not organize it. 'cause I'd be fired immediately federal employees, including those working without pay are banned by law from holding strikes. David welna, NPR news, Washington all this playing out in political theatrics in Washington. President Trump has affectively moved to cut off all congressional travel until the shutdown ends NPR's hammer Keith reports as follows Trump's retaliatory action. Halting a trip. House speaker Nancy Pelosi was taken to Afghanistan visit US troops. The memo comes from the acting director of the White House budget office Russell vote. It says the president. And asked him to direct the heads of all executive departments and agencies to halt congressional use of government owned leased or chartered aircraft under no circumstances during a government shutdown. He writes will these aircraft support any congressional delegation without the express written approval of the White House chief of staff the memo also contains a line that will make it all but impossible for congressional delegations to travel overseas on commercial aircraft because the funding for that comes through the treasury department and would now also require White House approval. Tamra Keith NPR news, the White House. Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is urging Prime Minister Theresa may to use her historic parliamentary defeat of her Brexit plan as leverage to get a better deal from the European Union. However, the EU has repeatedly said that it has no intention of renegotiating any aspect of the agreement already reached with me from Washington. This is NPR news. And you're listening to WNYC. I see in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd mayor de Blasios defending his administration's handling of a sexual harassment case involving one of his former senior staffers, the New York Times, I reporting this week that Kevin O'Brien was pushed out of his role at city hall after an internal investigation. Substantiated the claims made by two female employees O'Brien then landed at a private consulting firm. The Blasios saying today on WNYC that city hall did not announce the allegations against Joe Brian order to protect the confidentiality of the complainants. If confidentiality is not guaranteed women will often not come forward. And that's the worst of all worlds. So that's exactly why the situation was handled the way it was handled de Blasios said that if the company hilltop private solutions had asked for a reference check from city hall officials would have said O'Brien resigned in lieu of being fired three separate anti-trump. Protests organized by women's groups are taking place in New York. City tomorrow after attempts to present a United front failed the women's March alliance and nonprofit that has led local women's marches in the past two years will hold a rally and procession starting on the Upper West side women's March Inc, which has organized the demonstrations in Washington DC will hold a rally at Foley square and a third separate rally for wheelchair users and others with disabilities is holding a non March at Grand Central terminal this afternoon, it's cloudy tonight clouds as well low around twenty nine degrees. And then tomorrow, we're expecting three to five inches of snow in the city. Governor Cuomo warning upstate residents to prepare for more..

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