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Next couple of traffic at to thirty four forecast now a lot of nice weather on our way but tonight is not going to be one of those times where we see that nice weather fortyfive for the low tonight and rain expected tomorrow we'll dry out by after noon and for both saturday and sunday at or near sixty degrees monday tuesday and wednesday of next week all look very sunny and quite warm considering what we've had recently seventy degrees the average high for the first few days of next week right now in seattle fifty eight at komo news komo news time to twentyfive smallville tv actress allison mack is under arrest for her alleged role in an upstate new york sex cult called nexium the colts co founder keith rene is currently being held without bail on sex trafficking charges the fiftysevenyearold ranieri is the leader of an international self help organization in the albany area that has been described by some experts as a cult a nine one one operator in texas is going to spend ten days behind bars for hanging up on emergency collars prosecutors in houston say cringe shawna williams intentionally disconnected hundreds of callers during her year and a half on the job and it was convicted this week of misdemeanor interference with emergency telephone calls they say she had thousands of short calls during her time and even told one caller ain't nobody got time for this her trial lasted three days and ended with an order for her to serve ten days in jail and eighteen months on probation that's mark mayfield reporting teachers in arizona planning a walkout next week the plan is to walk off the job and joined a picket line on thursday organizers say they want to give districts and parents time to prepare for the schools being void of any educators for the last six weeks at grassroots effort has been building over low wages governor doug ducey responded shortly after the vote to strike was announced last night tweeting that if the school shut down.

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