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Suburban indie shows dot com. Back with a whole back story on this voicemail. We're gonna play. So I was Jack. Well, and we do have a couple other like regular wants to play. But there was a voicemail that we received that I listened to. I'm not kidding. I listened to it probably eight times trying to figure out what this woman was saying. And I couldn't make hesitate. I come in this morning. I tell you about it. You're like let me listen to it. I was like, no. But I promise you you're not going to be able to decipher what this woman is saying you listen to it Jordis. I speak. Thankfully, you do speak jive do. So you are able to listen to this one time. Yeah. Told me exactly what she said. And then I'll tell after we play and you decipher it for everybody. Then I'll say what I what I ended up thinking. It's sad. But I tell you I can tell you exactly what she says. Okay. But it's majorly bleeped. So you'll have to be it's terrible. It's terrible is very mean. She obviously really hates us right here. It is. Shimano everything except for what? Cool from would show. Okay. Wait, wait with with your ways. Can you play it again, rob? Because now because I I heard it. Shimano everything except for what? Smell is coming from. Okay. But there was more. No. That was it. That was it. Okay. And so you immediately we're able to decipher that y'all bees. Yeah. Seemed to know everything except for where that where that. Where that snow is coming from. That's what I thought she said that M F snow is coming from. And then she said something about our old backsides our old. Yeah. Are also thought she was saying, you don't even know where the M F. Ing snow is coming from. And then something about being on the grass. Now, she said it was our it's our our old bleep. And it's where the smell is coming from where the where the smell. That's right. She said where the smell is which you deciphered correctly. I did this. I did this where the smell is. Can I thought she was talking about snow snow, and I said smell. I'm sorry. What he believes this speech when he when he believes it out. It's harder for me to decipher. Yeah, we should we should put the uncut version of on our website. Can we do that send us the audio? I must post it. Yeah. Much better. Because I have to be able to that is a story. I mean, it was amazing to watch you and action because she's like, whereas that's Malcolm a promise from our. To know everything except for would smell smell is coming. Old old bleeps that mean, and I was like, well, listen, I've, and then I made you watch the sweetest thing. And I was like 'cause there's a scene from the sweetest thing where they talk about moldy bleed moldy. It's hilarious movie. And I'll make sure to include that clip in the post, I assure you that we both smell delightful. I don't know what she is. So mad about also speaking of smells if you happen to notice in or around the fishers area on Sunday, February tenth a wretched putrid smell. I can tell you what that's from Linda Sarsour is coming to town. So there's this organization called pure hands. And they're having their annual charity dinner, and this is apparently going to be dedicated to their humanitarian efforts in Yemen. And this dinner is going to be held at the deli Delaware township community center up there in fishers, and Linda Sarsour is one of the presenters. Oh, yeah. They described her as being a world renowned activist who has a special focus on helping those in need. Listen. Totally check it out. A ju. Yeah. Just go say, hey, how you doing? I'm linda. Yeah. Yeah. So they promote this by saying enjoy a beautiful evening where we can stand with our brothers and sisters of Yemen dinner will be served and catered by Al Ryan restaurant, please show up on time. The dress code is formal very very fancy very fancy. Does. It say how much it costs. No. I didn't see the cost of it. I'm sure there is a price. I'm sure it's a big hefty price. How much would you pay to have dinner with Linda, Sarsour hero? But you can add maybe you can ask us how much we would agree to be paid in order to have dinner with her. Questions. How much would we have to get paid? I don't a lot of what I would say. A thousand dollars. I was just going to say thousand dollars that is a total brain share. That is exactly right. You a piece at thousand dollars that we give it to some sort of charity that has to do with Jewish people. No, everything we know. Is. Speak english. I mean, I can understand I can understand this person better English where the trial lower that smell is coming from. I get such great emails. Thank you so much for the lovely emails in for the phone calls, and for all the correspondence that we get we love all the correspondence you guys. Keep a comment a wonderful. This is firefighter Raphael.

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