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Goahead jumper with just over two to play in that extra session heroin cartwright added a clutch bucket with about a minute to go as the friars pulled off the stauner panera inbounds i find her report of a born with curry what got the ball back with two world war earth if you're one away that was awesome down said would be the co back it bonus one all those was unbelievable what carragher the party should have been cooking the indeed 88 providence frier sports network they pull off the upset of the day knocking off the nation's number three teen seventy five seventy two over is eager rodney bullock in dallas each would seventeen cartwright with fifteen bulk also blocked the game winning layup attempt by j p macur at the end of regulation cannot north carolina and do a third meeting this season twenty second match up in the sec tournament for these longtime rivals duke thirteen and eight in the previous twenty one including six straight wins the longest streak by either team in the rivalry the heals had not beaten the blue devils in the acc terni since the ninety nutty a championship game this game also featured an apparent flash backward dukes grason alan hotel in the fail out hiearchy shot deflected by perry it to the rebound with the williams williams stocks at fifteen down on the forwards works seeking overshoot attitude greater now carolina the outlet pass big supply of the past with there's nobody hair and then he just turns in the past uh garrison brooks villainous hit the nail no worries lose hutus on the radio you'll see this fifty times in the next two days you might see a fifty times on twitter right now because serious grazyna definitely sticks his bought out there's no question yes and you might hear it fifty times right here on the radio as well grace now an apparent abut trip that incident happened early this happened lay with b o pinson coming up big waves to joel berry penetrates delay this is off the fence in.

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