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To the zone controlled by yosi much like overtime four on four is all about puck possession of the president to make a change tourism smith come right back out here comes from his own and with speed on the left wing gives it up for yosi hill scissor through center ice and l peel back to his own with it on the forest john here he comes on the attack on the left wing against the firm you got a piece of it bucket of the dole across his first smith after various they're fine speaks the numbers here they come through center ice down the right wing it's the of the nashville trumpster for big shots just missed up posted it comes all the way up and out good transition hockey by the appalachians adore off is not afraid to shoot it's getting three fresh bodies on his berry brings it ahead he's got mckinnon with him advocate ghetto perry was speed the nashville the right wing got around into the corner dumps it near side band got to what they're in front of mcginn simple hand the cage for echo mavs got to be careful not good cop to pies back to pj sue ban trapezoid he'll work it stops white behind his bet monitor holds and looks sue banal dancing out front gives it off here comes home around ghetto back to sue band down the right wing to the red on and he'll throw it into the avalanche in your side to form reverse by andrew settled to the near corner tip off the boards mckinnon is there took a hit from pk and gone away but kennedy was speed out of his own across the blue light fires it ahead andrew ghetto to the nashville zone henry by coma great backcheck while the nashville defenceman predators suited up all the way back to the zone they should be nice she told ended will be and the as we'll get the face off back in the nashville with ten fourteen to go period one holding a one nothing lead ten seconds to go into matching minor penalties with blake comeau and kevin fiala let's see what the apps want to do here comes along with miekel ranch and and i'm not sure i've ever seen those to skate together besides practice on the back.

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