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Your breath away when it hits your lung our kids and pet they're all having careful cabin fever. The furnaces running constantly running a stream of water in the thanked her prevent the waterpipe from freezing cold extreme. Calling from lakeville Minnesota dab in the middle of the card still have to start. I still have to go to work. I have animals to take care of and to brand new. It's all about the layers layers layer. Hi, my name is Jen Nova Kelly. I'm calling from Mankato Minnesota. My wife is a coffee shop called the coffee head. We decided last night. We did want to have anyone out. If it is cold started to close shop today tomorrow at act our customers after they home, stay warm and stay safe are coffee, amazing wonderful review anything for it. Except maybe Brockway hypocrites. We hope y'all stay warm during these Arctic temperatures, and if you want to share your story of getting through the call tweet us at the takeaway or find us on our Facebook page will keep the fires burning. We stay in Chicago now and turn to a story that has shaken many Americans reports that jussie smollet one of the stars of the TV show empire was tacked in Chicago early Tuesday morning, smollet is black and gay. According to police reports to people yelled, racist and homophobic, slurs at smollet and tied a rope around his neck. He was hitting the face and Ouston an unknown chemical substance Smolin told police attackers yelled pro make America. Great again comments during the attack Chicago police department, and the FBI are investigating case and smollet is said to be in stable condition. Many fans and friends of smollet took to social media yesterday to voice, their anguish anger and pain over the attack. Here's empire creator lead. Annuals? You didn't deserve nor anybody deserves to have a news put around your neck. Bleach.

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