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And he put together a peace pledge, and it was amazing to see all these kids come together and hemp share his story and how painful that was for him. And it was a random shooting as many of the shootings are in his poor sister happened to be one. Of the victims talking about it's crucial right because you take the greatest most painful, moment of your life and you turn it around to help. Others, kids a hero and a lot of the kids that we've talked to that are we day kids they are not satisfied, with the amazing things they've already done no they're thinking bigger and better in lifelong types dreams of what the impact they can have better people than where they are You just become so inspired because I've met I've been on here before the kids baskets not bullets So many great. Things that these kids are doing and programs, they're creating Impact yeah and to and to show kids there's a different way there's a totally different way for us to be able to. Handle this And I think it really goes back to being that good hand and I love the fact that AllState, has partnered with we day to give this program to the kids throughout the city really throughout the United States because we're. Not only here. You'll see on the broadcast on the amazing work. That's, being done with some of, the kids that are featured from California Allstate's good starts young initiative. Is played out in the day celebration again it's Friday night at seven Chicago time on. ABC local listings around the, country wherever you're listening. The AllState foundation does a lot of stuff that that's vitally important to, all of us the teen safe driving program but also youth empowerment like we day and..

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