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Of the four seasons that we've been able to be there. There's been nothing but great times. And despite the, uh, struggles and all the things that happened to us this year that the support and the Uh, dedication that fans showed I'll never, ever ever take it for granted or not not appreciate what they've meant to us, A zit family, and so we're gonna miss the bay. Um, but like I've always said it's It's never good Bye. It's more. See you later. And, uh And I'll leave you with all gas and good luck next season. That was Robert Sala earlier with us If you missed it gotta can. VR dot com So it's Robert Stall out the door. It's Michael flew out the door. John bitten out the door and Martin Mayhew as well. Let's talk all about that, and more, plus the Championship weekend. Matt Miyoko are 40 Niners insider joins us courtesy of the human guests sign. What's happening? Nothing too much. Couple thoughts. One is. Did he say anything about the people who thought he should be fired after his 1st and 2nd season number two old gas? Isn't that what got Jim Tom schooling? Problems serious beginning and well done. Well done, mate. It's good. Have a good week. Like on that man is really good. Wake up till it solid. I got today They're already making their already making sweatshirts back there all gas, no brakes. They love that and You know, he had a pretty low bar mean And when Adam gave me those eyes are flying all over the place, and they're all solid. Basically had to do was look straightened forward. He had that thing one. So, Yeah, And I think it also helped him that his press conference was on the same day as the Lions press conference, and he had made no references to cannibalism s. Oh, that was good finding kneecaps. Yep. Yeah. So you know, Robert well, you and you obviously knew him but better accept this past year, But you know, you did a weekly zoom with them. And a lot of it. We all know what a solid football coach he is, but he's got a win on the field. But the other part of dealing with New York is dealing with the media. You guys You're tough out here, but not like they are back there in the tri state area. So a Zafar is interacting with the tabloids in the New York papers and the way they kind of extrapolated things you say And you know, hyperbole. Eyes here and there. How do you think I'll handle the New York media? Once he's there and talking to him 23 times a week, man. You could be great. You know, I think that I think that he doesn't get he's not thin skinned. You know that? That's the people who are thin skin. They're probably more than anywhere else. They just can't you know, they get defensive. They get combative, and that just causes problems and you you have to kind of take you with a grain of salt and and Robert saw, even during the bad times. He always took the high road and he was always Very measured in what he said. And and when you know, people question him, he didn't take a sense he would explain. You know, now that was a big thing. I communication is his thing. And and I thought he handled his duties with the 40 Niners about as well as he could, and I always thought with him. People who saw it. You know you're hiring a defensive coordinator. Why would any team hire a defensive coordinator to be the head coach? With him. I never saw his candidacy as any head coach in the league tied to what he does on the defensive side, the ball I mean, he's not reinventing the wheel. You know, I think with Kyle she and again The stuff that he does offensively is very unique, and it's it's very much what he does. And the reason that call CNN got in the door with the 40 Niners. And what about six other teams? I think that off season was because of what he does. On the offensive side, the ball and and then once he gets in, then you can explain his vision for the organization, and his recipe is so much different than solace because I think Robert's Allah isn't doing anything extreme with a defense that is not You know, you look at their defense and you go on, like God, I can't believe that they know they're on the cutting edge of doing this. That's phenomenal. Know what Saul is all about is having a plan. Teaching it to his coaching staff, teaching it to his players and then creating a mindset within that defense and so to me his skills as a head coach. Far exceed what they're drawing up a far as cover three. His skill was relating to players tapping into each individual and what motivates them. In finding those players putting them together, getting them all to work together, and I think that that's why what he does is a coach really transcends the defensive side. And I wasn't at all surprised to hear him say yesterday that he's not gonna be The defense of play caller. He's going to hand that over to our old friend Jeff, all brick. Um in let him handle that in solids. Gonna oversee the entire team. Miracles, junior stalking Robert Sala and the rest of the 40 Niners. Some other departures were going into Martin Mayhew and just second Haywood. He had unbelievable praise for D'Amico..

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