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The same but except for the font that this pyongyang chang if this pf chang's yes somebody got fired for that one last the olympic note here i don't know if anybody has been kind of following this but the olympic committee and the women's hockey team and had a little bad blood going on here on the ioc has a policy that you can't have political symbols on your uniform other than the flag while the women's hockey team their goalie the hell was that they use the mask has the statue of liberty on it there's a little picture of the statue of liberty so the ioc says hold on that's a political symbol you can't have that to which the united states women's hockey team said we're going to wear it they wore it today and now the ioc is kind of backing down from get a youth the bones of the statue of liberty is a political symbol that with their stating i mean i guess if you've been maybe be talking about immigration or something like that could be considered a moute just of tickets and american symbol to me of necessarily political symbol i could be wrong there but the odds for the icc's backing down yeah okay were wearing it you're not gonna do anything about it you guys are fine to wear the flag you guys to find a the national anthem but other than that no political symbols godich fine thanks hey are coming up next tuesday's with tony i love this are we bring tony cats in here and will chat with him it's the big price drop it mattress firm we dropped.

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