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Which makes you feel a little better about the. The price is fine. But i mean he's going. He's going to basically mixed to jarvis landry speaking. We're gonna talk about jobs lane a little bit here but rather have border landry. I'd rather have void out board as well there. You go fair enough. But maybe mango maybe. Hey solved i think what i need. Gobble gobble i think one of the reasons why i was sort of using the word thinking about fade in my mind by boy do see myself. Investing in either of these next two players especially in this might not be. What many expect he higgins long against love. Kind one of the guys. This i talked. I think i've anointed a couple players as my guys so far this year brandon. Are you one of the players. I don't mean these are going to be the single best of their business but players. That i'm just super optimistic about t- higgins joins the brandon. You train of your guys of guy. I'm just. I'm in on this year. I just just I'll give it to my guys. Okay I like davante adams. Kid out of new green bay Like him a lot a thirty year player. And i believe so. I believe n. Watch for stefan digs okay in buffalo d. I s slow okay. Good to know in terms of my wide receivers. my guys. it's awesome good tweets about some favorable coverage. You're right so anyways. But i do. I do feel optimistic. About t- higgins to the point that i love t higgins. I wouldn't be surprised matter. Fact there futures on this. It wouldn't spend on me at all if he leads. The team in receiving yards touchdowns easily right. He's a phenomenal talent. I mean we had a lot of fun with it last year. I don't remember. I drafted t higgins late in the war room league. And i think like the first week i had. I had a drop in my head. I had some sort of roster issue. And i'm like rookie wide receiver and a bad team. I like him. But you know. I'll be able to get him back. And of course shefty scooped immediately up and then not only you know used him quite all year long very effectively but tortured me about it on fantasy football now every single sunday when we would have him on and talk about talk about our various teams and t higgins played very well for shefty just tortured me to see him. Go off every single. Week i love t higgins. What am i. guys this ti- higgins. I'm putting that one on record there so He had fourteen games which he finished last year. He had six plus targets in thirteen of those fourteen. Game or g averaged thirteen point. Six yards per reception wouldn't surprise me. That number goes up and we talked about this couple of days ago. I can't recall exactly who we were discussing in that regard but who's a defense focusing in on this year it's pick your poison in cincinnati. Now it may be that they're just focusing on the offensive line and just tormenting them but hoping for the best wide receivers but if if the offensive line throat cathro from your back. I feel like you just say you know what we're just going to blow them and see if he can see if he can get it off in time like what if you are playing a you know if you're playing. The browns dens award might be lining opposite up martinez and not take. So really light he higgins and right now. This is where i see the value matthew wide receiver. Thirty one in terms of adp. Right now this to me is the biggest chasm between value and my rank amongst these three bengals wide receivers. Yeah i don't disagree with that like right..

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