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Oh cheerio Yeah what god awful game. This is let's just see if tonga by loa can be back and can be affected for miami. I mean miami's offense this this by the way ross. It's uncanny how this keeps happening with these london games. This is the match up between the team with the worst point. Differential in the nfl. The miami dolphins and the team of the second worst point differential in the nfl the jacksonville jaguars. These are the two worst teams in the nfl by point. Differential yikes per sports info. Solutions epa metro. It it's the play by play value metric. Only two quarterbacks have been less valuable than jacoby percent. This year. Zach wilson and trevor lawrence so to talk about low. Though he wasn't much better in that metric then then jacoby percent. You would like to think isn't upgrade. Devante parker by the way is dinged up. He's got a hamstring injury. One matchup i do like is jalen. Waddell on Chris klay brooks. He is the slot corner for the jacksonville jaguars. Who's given up on all seven of his targets in the slop report solutions. He has given up seven receptions for one hundred yards. I think it's a good matchup for jalen waddell in particular this week. And if you wanna mess with miami's backfield why think miles gaskins the right guy. Miami has been very strange with backfield. Utilization there certainly team the believes week. Put anybody back there. And we're we can be good will they haven't been good this year. Jalen the miles gaskin had take catches in two touchdowns last week. You would like to think that earned him some more snaps going forward. What about the jags offensively. Well you know. Marvin jones and viscous chenault. Those are the two perimeter wide receivers. They combined for two catches on nine targets last week while seven targets. Go to converted defensive back jamal. Agnew and five targets go to avon austin herbs but herbs. What are you doing in. Ross the most mind boggling play of jacksonville's week five loss was four seven goal from the one inch line. They hand the ball to carlos. High james robinson is going nuts. The guy looks like earl campbell for the entire game. And you give the ball to carlo side at one hour behind said trevor. Lawrence doesn't know how to sneak yet. I mean i. I know how to sneak you fall like about working on working on all summer now Just a but. Here's the thing with james robinson. He has at least nineteen touches in three straight games as a result is finished as the before the rb nine in the rb. Eleven over those three weeks. He has got to be in your lineup against miami in the passing game i mean i. I just marvin jones in a league. I just don't feel comfortable with this passing game but one guy i think you could use. Is dan arnold less than two weeks after trading. Cj in package involving arnold arnold ran twenty eight routes. That was second most on the team behind only marvin jones. He had six catches for sixty four yards on a team leading eight targets. All those led the team even though he fumbled. They kept him out there. Dan arnold is going to have some value as fancy type. Let's get to kansas city and washington. I have to imagine joe everybody. You have should be playing in this game where these defenses. This is to me like a keeper game keepers. A two out of three men will experience some form of hair loss by the time. They're thirty five more than fifty million including me and joe in the..

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