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He's had no justice and he doesn't have a bunch of people out protesting demanding justice for Andy. No, The guy's a great journalist, and he suffered some real physical damage to his brain as a result of being beat up. Since I'm doing so well as a junior apprentice lawyer, Can I try a real stretch? Because Cully a long time ago, when we're talking talking about terrorism in general, I asked the lawyer and it might have been you saying when they say you can't raise money in support of terrorism. Does that mean have a group gets together and says, Hey, al Qaida is short of first aid kits. We're going to raise the money and then by first aid kits and send them to people in Isis or Al Qaeda, they said. That would be a crime because you're doing it even though it's food or medicine or something else, and you're not. Actually buying them guns or bullets or bombs that that's still a crime to give material support to a terrorist. Does this mean we could go after people that a lot of us suspect maybe funding some of these efforts at terrorism within our borders? So the answer is gonna be very unsatisfying to you. It depends. Uh, and, uh, just the life you gotta live in the lawyer lawyer Now it's something that's not always a full state. It's a fight. It depends on the fax. Material support for terrorism is a federal crime, and it typically is applied towards Al Qaeda or the places that we typically associate being overseas. Thank God. But yeah, we've had domestic Criminal federal trials against people who provided money or fun or communication equipment or others to Al Qaeda, Afghan Taliban and other terrorist organizations. Cully Stimson is the senior legal forward heritage manager of the National security.

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