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Good afternoon I'm. Gayle Cunningham our top story Cornelius pass road remains closed between the, sunset highway Saint Helen's road because of an earlier brushfire at skyline. Your best alternate. Is old Cornelius. Pass road a ten thousand dollar reward. Is offered now for information in the disappearance of a mother from Kaiser who went missing, year, ago Cynthia Martinez was last seen at the tequila nights bar on July sixteenth of two. Thousand seventeen her mother. Tells KTAR she's been raising cynthia's for children. And hopes they'll be reunited with, their mother her babies later back Ask them and Pick up Kaiser police say Cynthia left the bar, with two men police named Hymie Alvarez Alvarez as a person of interest, in the case but they haven't been able. To find him anyone with information is asked to, contact Kaiser police a man revived after being underwater in the sandy river at Glen auto park for twenty three. Minutes has died this witness. Tells KTAR news the man jumped from the Trump Dale bridge without. A life jacket he didn't come up and his friends started looking for him so and everybody started to. Call his name and so everybody started running over there trying to help trying to swim over to help rescuers pulled demand from the water. And performed CPR they got a heartbeat, by the time the ambulance arrived, at a hospital but the man later died at least three people are dead in Florida after two small planes collided in mid air today over the Everglades not far from. Miami executive airport President Trump says he misspoke yesterday when he said he didn't have any reason to believe that Russia was involved in election meddling. Should have been I don't see any reason. Why I wouldn't it, wouldn't be rush So Just to repeat. It I said the word would instead of what Trump made it clear to reporters at the White House today that he believes the US intelligence communities assessment that Russia did interfere in the two thousand sixteen. Election but now Senate Democratic, leader Chuck Schumer is demanding hearings on President Trump's summit with. Putin Oregon's jobless rate hits a new. Record low key Xs Bradford's as businesses are having a tough time filling job, openings employment rate of four percent is the lowest since nineteen seventy..

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