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Yeah. No, it's more. So I guess I can hand embarrassment if they fuck up and so like the every time I'm watching spec. Unwed poaching? I'm thinking. Guys. Like they're gonna forget there wasn't like. Oh, sorry Olin. I still forget to remember. And I love second hand embarrassment. Yeah. And so every time I'm watching it. I'm thinking, please don't mess up. One just think take time up fast. Visually support the ice because embarrassing and they have to. Got. And I'm just like. Now inside I'm like, yeah. You've got this. But really, I would I would I would hate to be you in this time. Did I mean? So that's the one thing that I'm like apprentice apps Beckham, wet part. I'm just it's this law man, if you mess up is peak for unit. So. Yeah, no snow, of course, not hundred Artis. You guys read that it's on the New York. Okay. Okay. Freese ago. Audio versions wasn't on the New Yorkers autobuilders bills plates in labor of audio two as you read while you, do you. Tasks that get some other my my favorite time now guy also most guys got mostly flakes. It's not just a noble nicely. Excited about Lance notes. He ain't broke. My is different. Okay. So mostly flex this episode guys. We are discussing get out hands out who seen it. If you haven't. Wow. You're gonna see clips over now. So we all what stats and I watched again this morning, but just before we kind of die dissect just a general like, how did you find the film, Derrick? Okay. Listers quick quick. I fought a film over it. I've race it was over. I saw people were really imposing on things that is just kind of good commonly. This is this is so obvious, and you're going on like you have to be some Ricca movie fans, they act like there's so many hidden messages in the cartoonists feeling Feeling you you know, know, what what I I mean? So yeah, I really really enjoy it. I mean, I enjoyed it. I am to experience of what a lot of people in the cinema. That's what enrich the experience for me. One thing if I was watching a hold on myself. Respite all over. Okay. Colton alex. How did you find out? Get out was. A trip come on edge. Call for three days after which net. I guess the best the best onto which is when you immigrant. Cinema in. I mean, do you think it was William? Yeah. There was some reenact is in that does bring together a lot of serious points about race in America. Yeah. Like four today. He has in twenty eight teen. Interesting relationships liberal liberalism for cats, at least retargeting or different things. I think there was a lot. There is a lot of dissect in the throw there were too many. I think he put those in-intentionally like he was trying to be over there. Like if it's explicit. Yeah. It was scary. As. I quite enjoy day. And there was definite scary moments. I loved watching integrate because obviously the racial tension in the film can be really seen in the in the cinema. So like when they're like, some funny parts, and you see maybe a white person laughing in your life. Or like something happened and was at the end there is that police scene and man's just you know, stabbed this woman. And then and then you just hear the police in the host cinema just grown that will. And if just something as simple as that will make you really every industries just they will while to the film in some way or another. There's no way to clears American accent wasn't too bad. Actually. Yeah. I was very convinced and that goal rose. She's a monster. So what I did we are going to play guys a few clips that we will discuss. And please feel free to talk about it during be shy. And otherwise, we will pick on you guys. So case like offer yourselves up get involved. It's going to be fun discussions. Can we please have the fast clip? Please. Good, brother. Yes. Course it is. Something..

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