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Question. That's how we're going to sell the book. I don't I don't disagree that there's inherent inefficiencies in government programs right there almost like VC's. Get one out of ten right and the one, they get right covers. Yeah covers. I'm okay with most of that. Right. I prefer that a lot of big government programs, go away. Look, if I ran the show. I would you have no idea, how would change things? But when it comes to big picture items when it comes to global items AI, Hugh, if you believe in spending six hundred billion, or more for defense, but whatever the number is right? The future of warfare is on built around through up and down artificial intelligence if we don't win that war. The next generation that are sitting there, having this conversation for the next generation of ice school kids, it's going to be, how are we going to catch up? That's why we need to invest now. I don't know that we have the people in place in the government right now to make those investments. I think that's a challenge in a problem. I think we're truly at threat from Thomas weapons, and less as a nation. We come to agreements with other nations on this, and we have the ability to monitor them trust, but verify but as big a three. As nuclear is, is even bigger, do you think we'll see? Singularity sometime soon, not, not in the next fifty years, the whole, so you think it's at least some people have, you know, twenty thirty six or not the next fifty years. But again, now, I want to say this again, for weaponry. We already have the ability to have weapons think there's already the ability for Thomas weapons, and they're only gonna go further further further as processors get more advance. Once we solved the battery prom the portable battery problems. So these terminators can be out in the field for an extended period of time. If we don't win that battle this world's upside down. That's what scares me. And that's climate change has that same. Let me take you sign up percentage probability to what I just said one percent. Two percent five percent. You have to be concerned climate change. Is the same way you assign a probability that things really could get bad. One percent. Two percent all the rest is Michigan. Right. Is just rambling because if you're wrong. The loss is enormous and you have to hedge against that, right?.

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