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Let's check in again with Kierra Jordan. While we continue to see our volumes building in certain areas, such as on eastbound five twelves, you're approaching 167 and then it's going to be offered on slowing traveling north and on the valley. Away as you work your way through Sumner and into Pacific, but we're still far from solid the entire way. Looks like we're starting to get a little bit bunched up right now. On westbound 5 12 Approaching I five. We've been finding extra company waiting foryou north and my five traveling through Tacoma City Centre Bit early morning, firing Graham. And because of that, we're blocking our north found Steve brought 1 61 year 234. Their luck in the right lane there. And fairy writers due to mechanical repairs are 6 10 sailing from Friday Harbor to Shaw. That's going to be canceled, and so is the seven o'clock sailing from shot to both the orcas in Friday Harbor. Our next to Cuomo. Traffic at 5 54 traffic sponsored by our Gacy cruises. They're evergreen Excursion takes you to Blake Island State Park for a fire roasted lunch. First people's history and miles of forest trails and beaches. Learn more at Argus he cruises dot com. He's the co Moh forecast sunny and warm today with high temperatures into the lower eighties. Clear skies Tonight a little cooler Tomorrow we'll see. A few more clouds was still a dry day tomorrow. Partly sunny and 75 a week system comes in here Friday with cloudy skies a slight chance of a few light scattered showers and high about 72 for Friday but just a one day downturn. Saturday and Sunday. Looks like we'll get back to mostly sunny skies and even warmer weather early next week. Right now it's 59 degrees in Seattle. Stay connected. Stay informed the.

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