Senate Intel Committee, Richard Burr, New York Times discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Raise crime after boiled tweets president rows of pm after she blessed praise of hateful group and so to be reached the republican challenges the senate intel committee back trump's choice story disgrace richard burr told the new york times quoted was something along the lines of i hope you can conclude this as quickly as possible verse said that he replied that it would end when the committee finished its interviews burst said he did not feel pressured by trump's appeal portraying it as the action of someone who is quote never been in government lawmakers an aide said trump told senate majority leader mitch mcconnell accepted yeah i mean government i i know richard burr and richard burr heidi i believe of coal that my party a lot but i believe he's been acting honourably in a bipartisan way with more warner he's been i think over this past year one of the best of the republicans actually keeping their head down to doing their work but when he says when he says it reminds me of somebody who had not been government before that's the same way as saying what dignite fina doing that was the same thing we desire intel chiefs as well came before congress right was how it will i didn't feel pressured but these things happen in what we're seeing here is a portrait of multiple pressure points now because it wasn't even just the head of the intel committees he got multiple members of that committee other members of congress to then try in pressure burger and there was a pattern here the words that were used time to move on and so you see here a pattern where he's also cornering people on the plane blunt was was cornered on the plane to me one of the most telling parts of that article was also that in mitch mcconnell's words you could see through these interactions that this president was not able to separate out the fact that russia needed to be punished for this interference from the fact that his campaign was under investigation for collusion he couldn't separate the too and that's why you see is almost bitterness by this president every time the.

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