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Reached 117 degrees yesterday. Among the many concerns the homeless KPHO reporter Max Gordon, it's the hottest summer on record here in Phoenix. The confirmed number of heat deaths so far is around the same as last year's. There's been a big jump in the number of cases under investigation, 222 cases are under investigation this year, compared to 122 cases at this time last year. Meanwhile, Phoenix Rescue mission says they've been running out of water to hand out to the homeless because of low donations due to covert 19 and high demand because of this hot summer, some teachers and others arguing the experiment open schools during the Corona virus outbreak has failed, and that's causing some rethinking in various states. Here's correspondent Michael Jordan some covert hot spot. It States. The experiment to put kids in classrooms and then see what happens has already backfired. Takes you in elementary in Florida. 14 students are in quarantine two days after school started, we couldn't prepare for this situation like the superintendent said the other day, there's no playbook on this and Woodstock High school in Georgia, Nearly 300 students and teachers are in quarantine. Forcing a Countywide stopped in person learning it's unfortunate for the kids now. More than 2000 students nationwide are quarantine, a new survey of parents finds more than 30% will keep their child home this fall. Whether schools open or not. Next week, the Democratic Party will come together to formally nominate its choice for the next president and vice president of the US Gabriel De Benedetti is national correspondent for New York magazine. Really wide spectrum of speakers you have John Kasich, who is, of course, a former Republican governor of Ohio ran against Donald Trump, speaking on the same night as Bernie Sanders is, of course, as progressive as they come, so What the messaging really is going to be is you don't have to be a liberal. You don't have to be a progressive to vote for Joe Biden. You have to just not like what's going on. Right now. The United Nations is over Boil, mainly a rejected a U. S resolution calling for an extension to the Iranian arms embargo on Ly. Two of the Security Council's 15 members voted in favour. This is CBS News. You.

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