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Two forty two Brian Ramona standing by with traffic and weather on the two so list, we talked to with this out. How? So just spoke depend on they had a vehicle ran ran out there, and they picked it up. It looks like a child's love seats a little smaller than the regular one. It's gonna take it home many scooped up, and he might be taking it through the auction right now as far as we know, but for twenty two westbound still a little residual delay. If you are heading from king of Prussia towards the trooper road interchange, you're heading in the other direction on the eastbound Schuylkill, you're heavy to oh. To to to just after conshohocken. An accident. Still in the left lane and delays to get around Gerard. Westbound heavy south street flow, again from city avenue out around the Kerr little bit of agape or delay. And then slow again out near Gulf mills on the pine. You're slow westbound from eight three to the Schuylkill eastbound heavy Schuylkill abroad ninety five look pretty good through the city right now. We are seeing a little delayed though on ninety five north on the ramp to the vice street expressway. All right. The Platte bridge if you're heading into south Philadelphia, the airport still slow the bottom because of right lane construction in New Jersey for the most part, we're pretty good. But to ninety five southbound heading toward the Delaware memorial bridge before exit four we have an overturned truck and a fuel spill, and we're seeing a growing delay growing quickly in that area. Mass transit. No major problems next update less than ten minutes. I'm Brian Ramona KYW twenty four hour traffic center. Chelsea handler standing by. Sponsored by Gary Barberis on the boulevard. They got two words for you..

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Brian Ramona, Brian Ramona Kyw, Delaware Memorial Bridge discussed on 24 Hour News

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