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Sleep better on a park lane mattress it's the mark Mason show by the way it is building up to this thing tomorrow the national media is now converging on Portland Oregon for this big protest between the probabilities and anti fur and looked up you know what could go wrong it's kind of a joke but it's not a joking matter these two groups don't like each other and it's almost as if they're asking for a fight this is like the west side story this can be a rumble of waterfront park a lot of preparation as to go into this by the city itself and particularly the Portland police bureau you've seen all this week the mayor including members from the police force saying don't come to this town I have a feeling it's falling on deaf ears but either way police I have to get ready joining us is when the starring brown she is the commander at north precinct and also the incident commander for many events as such as what's going to happen tomorrow and commander Stein browned welcome to the mark Mason show thanks for having it's great having you here commander we appreciate you taking the call we know how busy you are are you going to be the incident commander tomorrow I will be yes while I don't envy that job a you've had two hundred hours in training and and crowd management what are you expecting tomorrow well we are expecting the groups that have advertise that they're going to be there to start rallying in water from park we expect that sometime during the time they're down there that they will go on a route of March we're not sure exactly of what the route will be but don't worry be somewhere in the downtown core area and we expect that groups want to engage in speech against each other and our job is to keep everybody safe and prevent it from breaking into violence well when you we know well past history that and that's been a that that tall order in keeping these two people of these two groups apart but past history is what you have to look into you guys yeah you really you before all this happens tomorrow you hopefully will have broken it all down into what you think will happen what you hope will happen and then there will be the reality but the fact is these two groups do not like each other and you know what what in their past history the of of the Vance tells you what will happen tomorrow well our our main job is to keep those groups that don't like each other somewhat separated I know that there are members with in each group I don't want to paint the picture that all members of of either group are there to engage in acts of violence but what we've seen in the past is that there are members with in those groups data like to try an L. flank each other and engage in fighting tumultuous behavior and the people have gotten hurt and we want to avoid that in the past we've had several weeks to plan for this this is about the twelfth event I think in two years that I've been and as part of incident command on and we believe that we have a good solid plan we have enough resources so that there will be police officers in the majority of the downtown core area and that will have enough of those line officers that have skirmishes do break out will be able to get in there and keep people apart information is king in situations like this to you I mean are you in contact with both sides so we have a demonstration liaison teams that have been reaching out to all groups that we know are participating and some groups are better at getting back to us than others but we always provide an email they can contact us via Twitter they can get a hold of us through the PO's office and they can email the demonstration liaisons directly and we do that to exchange information we'd like to know what the goals of the group sorry if they plan to March how many people they expect to have what their March route is we do encourage them to get a permit if they choose not we're you know we really look towards some of that information the stress in these two that you have a rapid response team ready to go for these incidents are these times when you're gonna need officers or resources at a at a certain street corner of fast right so all officers in the Portland police bureau trained in mobile field force which is basically how to assemble and and maneuver in order to block streets or directly a crowd of traffic or something like that but our rapid response team members have more specialized treating into crowd dynamics crowd management in crowd control if necessary how do you stay calm through all this a lot of deep breathing and I have a really good team and I'm very I have high confidence in my team that will will managers together in and get it done safely I do not mean to minimize anything about what's happening and what you're doing but you what you're describing sounds like what I go through before Blazers game when we have meetings and everything else we were just sitting there going through you know every possibility of you know for us it's just you know those are players on the court it's a game and we're having fun for you its its life and property yeah so you know there's a lot of experienced people that will be in the command post we have had a lot of training without a lot of direct experience with this we also have a good sense of what we think is going to happen but we always have contingency plans things don't go the way that we expect in order to be able to react to that it's just like a Blazers game I'm gonna I'm not going to I guess I wouldn't get an answer but but I'll ask you anyway what do you expect to happen I expect that most of the majority of people will assemble and they'll exercise their right to speak and I expect that there will be some sort of March I expect that there's a high possibility is that there'll be smaller groups it'll break off and want to try and fight each other and my message to them is if they choose to engage in that behavior they should expect to be arrested all right we'll leave it at that commander Wendy Stein Braun commander north precinct also the incident commander of tomorrow's protest in downtown Portland you guys have a a police podcast which is absolutely fascinating there's so much information in these podcasts called talking beat and you talk about the preparation for tomorrow as well where we find that podcast if we want to know more you can go to the city's website a Portland Oregon dot gov and go to the police bureau or you can go to Portland police dot gov dot org yeah com I think all of those will get you there yeah good talking beats if you want to know the inner workings of the Portland police bureau and and that's some good stuff over there commander Stein run thank you so much for taking the time for the listeners and for the people of Portland today we wish you well tomorrow and my dream is that they both protest have their say and go home but we'll see what happens yeah I I hope for that as well thank you very much radio as we.

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