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Stores to hold antibias training for employees this was in response to an incident at a philadelphia starbucks were an employee call the police onto black men who were sitting in the cafe and hadn't ordered yet chairman howard schultz had this to say about the training we realize four hours of training is not going to solve the racial inequity in america or in or anyone coming into our stores may have a problem but we have to start the conversation here to tell us more is joe nocera a columnist for bloomberg opinion tell us about howard schultz what's he like howard schultz is the most is the most sincere human being i think i've ever met which is part of what his charisma is when he meets him no matter who else is in the room he looks he locks in straight at you when he tells his own sort of story he wants to impress upon you that he's not some rich kid that he grew up in the projects with all kinds of people and had to scratch and claw to make his way in the world part of him that's still scratching and clawing even though he's a billionaire and starbucks is you know approaching twenty seven thousand stores well before they had this day where they do the racial bias training he did a lot of other things to try to move things forward in in our country really well it really started with his own employees you know he always gave even part time employee stock options he always paid them much better than your typical walmart or target employees he instituted a program at one point where he would pay or starbucks would pay for people who wanted to take online courses at arizona state state there is i mentioned that is because it has the biggest and probably the best online array of courses of any in the.

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