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Help people quit regular cigarettes he also says he supports state and federal efforts to crack down on the use of the cigarettes it's twelve thirty. traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five years lose hours. and in chats were still have the disabled vehicle on the westbound side of the one eighteen at desoto Avenue CHP is on the way to see what's going on there also we have some junk in the roadway this is on the actually is not junk it's a it's a car your car's not junk Elsa gun on the eastbound side of the one about one oh five that's is Barbara Boulevard on ramp the disabled vehicle with a flat tire is stuck on the ramp and waiting to get pushed over to the right shoulder and in corona on the eastbound side of the ninety one after Green River Road a construction truck is partially in the left fastrack claim I didn't see anything going on on the eastbound side of the ninety one but a hop over the K. real the car pool in the three left lanes are closed from Green River road to the seventy one until three AM also some closures as long as round the I. E. let's go out there as well and then corona north down fifteen on Terrio Avenue to the fast track lanes of the left lane is shut down of the main lanes until four AM and around the corner in nor cold on the fifteen passed to second street the right lane is closed until four AM and in Ontario the sixty west bound to the south down sixteen that shut down until five AM group of alley the eastbound sixty the two right lanes of clothes from valley way to main street until five AM that supports coming up at twelve forty five I'm just hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio a pretty nice day weather wise after the clouds roll away overnight lows in the sixties and then later today look for highs of the beaches somewhere.

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